Face Our Fears!

Ours fears can really put us in a frozen state for all our life if we allow our mind/thoughts to continue to control us.  Are you ready to walk through your fear???  Are you afraid to ride an elevator, fly in a plane, try something new, do something different, drive in a new city, talk to a stranger, trust someone, walk in the dark, love someone, leave someone, be vulnerable, walk alone, speak your truth, eat alone, try a new food, touch a snake, hug a stranger, or just change your life???


Isn’t it time to take control of your life and quit letting your brain/computer have the guidance of your life?  We are meant to use our thoughts/brain as our computer and we are supposed to be the ones program it, but it doesn’t usually go that way.  In this society, we are trained to let EVERYONE ELSE program our computer!  More chances than not you probably had an event that may not even be conscious to you that “set” your fear in you!!!  If you could witness that event as though it belonged to someone else you could see right through it and dissolve it! 


A back-door approach I would like to explain to you today is a simple exercise that you control the difficulty level as you are ready to face new challenges.  I beg you to keep increasing the challenge level.  The month of August 2017 is a monumental month for leaving our old patterns/issues behind us and walking into the life we’ve always dreamed of.  Think about finally waking up each morning happy and full of desire for the day that lays before you!  Would feeling eager to live each day with anticipation of what great is going to happen today be a welcome change for you?


I challenge you to do one thing different each and every day!  If you always do something the same old way, change it!  If you drive to and from work the same old way, take one day and drive a different route.  If you always drink tea with lunch try a new herbal tea or water.  If you always take the elevator then take the stairs.  If you eat the same foods everyday then eat new foods.  If you always buy white underwear then buy a different style in a bold color.  If you always eat in front of the tv then sit at the table with candlelight and soft music in the background.  Break up old routines and old repeating habits of behavior and replace them with something new and different!



Change is one of the biggest things people fear the most in life!  Lack of change is what helps keep people close minded and fearful!  I dare you to get use to change by doing something completely different and out of your routine each and every day.  As you start to get use to change and see that sometimes it is rewarding, you will be much more likely to challenge some of your greatest fears in life!  Face your fears and walk right through them!                                             …Kathy D Carter