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Personal Relationships

  • Kathy discusses the importance of the relationship you have with yourself, learning to put yourself first, and finding your true self. 

We are Taught not to Love Ourself!

  • Kathy talks about the different levels of loving yourself and how our society emphasizes work over self-love. 

How does Self Care Affect My Level of Vibration?

  • Kathy discusses how not loving your body, the food you eat, and thoughts/beliefs you have influence your vibrational frequency. 

Soul Finder Self Care and Vibrational Frequency

  • Kathy explains how trapped emotions, your relationship with your inner child, your relationship with your physical body, and thoughts/beliefs affect your vibrational frequency. 

Anti Aging

  • Kathy talks about how clearing your energy field can rejuvenate your body.  We must "feel it, heal it, release it" to clear stored emotions from our energy fields. 

How Emotions Can Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

  • Kathy explains how spiritual gifts are influenced by your vibrational frequency level, how to learn to feel and release stored emotions, and how to stand in your personal power.