Part of My Story

Look at the difference taking care of your Energy Field makes!!!

Kathy-D-Carter-Healer-Spiritual Coach-Reiki Master-Channel
Kathy D Carter - Maui Beach

On the full moon of January 18, 2003, I made a request to the Universe.  I stated that I wanted to be helping thousands of people heal and discover their inner treasure chest of gifts and live their dream.  On March 8, 2003, I received my Reiki Master-Teacher Certificate. 


Exactly one year later on January 18, 2004,  the Universe gave me a "sign".  It was a symbolic cross made by the rising sun.  I physically shook with "knowing" and excitement that capturing this picture was going to be very meaningful to me.  I "knew" during the middle of 2005 that this picture would be on the cover of my first book that I had not even thought of writing yet.... (Red Wine & Cigarettes)


Two years and one day later on January 19, 2005, I started my transformational "journey" inside myself to learn how to first heal myself and then with that experience be able to help others heal.   I became ill with an environmental illness (E.I.) and electromagnetic frequency illness (EMF illness).  Within 2 weeks of the exposure I had to quit working.  Within 6 weeks of the exposure I was unable to walk by myself, feed myself, and I started having seizures.  I could not be around other people, go to any public places,  or be near electrical devices such as TV and cell phones.  I was at death's door yet again in my life.  During the long hard seven years of healing myself of these two illnesses I became a new and different person from how I had been living. 


I was raised on a farm where I became very attuned with nature.   I am always totally rejuvenated to be in the wide open country, wooded areas, quiet mountains, and secluded beach areas on Mother Earth.  I learned very young in life because of my strong Empath abilities to not discuss the extrasensory things I knew, heard, saw and felt because they were not accepted and so I started suppressing them. 


I was always drawn toward healing and alternative health care as early as in my teens.  I learned all about nutrition and supplements and how they can play a role in healing the physical body as I learned how to work with my own migraines and PMS symptoms.  I completed my Reiki I on July 16, 1997, and my Reiki II on November 13, 1997.  I have been doing healing work for well over 20 years.


By my late thirties and forties I was searching for more in life.  I was the proud mother of two beautiful intelligent children which I had always "known" I would have and that they would be close in age with the male being the oldest.  They were twelve months and eleven days apart.  I also "knew" I would be single at age 50 and have very short hair which I couldn't really fathom that happening but it has.  My ego had always said I would never have grey hair as it would always be kept colored.  See what the ego knows? 


I decided to prove to myself I was well in 2012 so I walked the El Camino in Spain.  I am now able to do what I dreamed of and requested of the Universe on January 18, 2003.  I have claimed and fully use my gifts as a Healer, Channel, Empath, Mandala Artist, and Intuitive with ClairCognizant, ClairAudient, ClairSentience, and ClairVoyant abilities.  I have also written a self-help book about my journey entitled "Red Wine & Cigarettes".  It is a self-help book on escaping thought seduction and finding your one lost love.  


Healing is an ongoing process! 


The majority of my life I found myself going in and out of healing stages as I learned to claim my own gifts until I was forced to fully accept my path.  It was not easy to get where I am today.  We all face challenges which cause us to grow.  


What ultimately led to my transformation came in a very unfortunate way.  In 2005, I had a serious environmental illness and electromagnetic frequency illness.  These illnesses left me unable to walk or care myself and as I approached death’s door once again, I realized I really needed to change this time. It took me time to heal, but I learned many of my healing techniques during this time.  I overcame my illness with sheer determination to get better and not live life as a victim of an illness.


As I fully committed to healing and learned my gifts, I discovered that I am able to channel The Light for any person or group I am with.  "The Light" refers to ascended masters, angels, guides, or other crossed over loved ones in the Light that have messages for the people I am with.  I can walk unprepared into a group of people and deliver classes, messages, etc. that are perfectly matched to them.


My Clair gifts, training as a Reiki Master, frequency healing gifts, and my empath abilities allow me to pinpoint people’s "issues".  I know exactly how to help them heal in a loving, effective way.  One of my main goals is to help people discover their gifts because like many people, I was not aware of my gifts.  Usually anything you do easily or ignore is a gift.  It helps to get guidance with knowing what your gifts are so you develop and use them to your advantage, not your disadvantage. 


Through my own transformation and experiences I became aware of the passion I have to help others heal and claim their gifts at a very early age.  As the world continues to raise in vibrational frequency healing is taking place at a much quicker pace than ever before.


The path I took brought me to where I am today and my mission is now to help people seeking healing and guidance to find their Soul's Purpose and live a fulfilling happy life on earth! 


If any of this identifies with you, please contact me!