Kathy-D-Carter-Energy Healer-Spiritual Coach
Welcome, Kathy D Carter is an Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach.

Welcome! I’m Kathy D Carter.  As a Psychic, Frequency Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher, Empath, Author, and Artist I am able to call upon my years of spiritual training, extra sensory Clair gifts and life experience to help you release all the blocks to the amazing future you know you can have, but aren’t sure how to get there!  We all have a magnificent life within our reach, but sometimes we need some guidance on how to access it.  I can help!


In each session I call upon my abilities to clear stuck energy, hear and see the workings of your higher self and relay the information from all of your guides and helpers from the other side.  I also use my own healing team of Warriors to help break down the unconscious beliefs you hold, that prevent you from loving relationships, money and success. 


We work as a team to put into action the steps to the life you want to create!



Healing is an ongoing process! 


The majority of my life I found myself going in and out of healing stages as I learned to claim my own gifts until I was forced to fully accept my path.  It was not easy to get where I am today.  We all face challenges which cause us to grow.  


What ultimately led to my transformation came in a very unfortunate way.  In 2005, I had a serious environmental illness and electromagnetic frequency illness.  These illnesses left me unable to walk or care myself and as I approached death’s door once again, I realized I really needed to change this time. It took me time to heal, but I learned many of my healing techniques during this time.  I overcame my illness with sheer determination to get better and not live life as a victim of an illness.


As I fully committed to healing and learned my gifts, I discovered that I am able to channel The Light for any person or group I am with.  "The Light" refers to ascended masters, angels, guides, or other crossed over loved ones in the Light that have messages for the people I am with.  I can walk unprepared into a group of people and deliver classes, messages, etc. that are perfectly matched to them.


My Clair gifts, training as a Reiki Master, frequency healing gifts, and my empath abilities allow me to pinpoint people’s "issues".  I know exactly how to help them heal in a loving, effective way.  One of my main goals is to help people discover their gifts because like many people, I was not aware of my gifts.  Usually anything you do easily or ignore is a gift.  It helps to get guidance with knowing what your gifts are so you develop and use them to your advantage, not your disadvantage. 


Through my own transformation and experiences I became aware of the passion I have to help others heal and claim their gifts at a very early age.  As the world continues to raise in vibrational frequency healing is taking place at a much quicker pace than ever before.


The path I took brought me to where I am today and my mission is now to help people seeking healing and guidance to find their Soul's Purpose and live a fulfilling happy life on earth! 


If any of this identifies with you, please contact me! 



My Soul's Purpose is to Help You

Live Your Soul's Purpose,

Stand in Your  Power,

Discover & Develop Your Gifts, 

& Speak Your Truth  - 

Regardless of What Anyone Else Says!

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