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Welcome, Kathy D Carter is an Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach.

Welcome! I’m Kathy D Carter.  As a Reiki Master,  Frequency Healer,  Spiritual Life Coach, Heart & Soul Psychic, Teacher, Empath, Author, and Artist I am able to call upon my years of spiritual training, extra sensory Clair gifts and life experience to help you release all the blocks to the amazing future you know you can have, but aren’t sure how to get there!  We all have a magnificent life within our reach, but sometimes we need some guidance on how to access it.  I can help!


In each session I call upon my abilities to clear stuck energy, hear and see the workings of your higher self and relay the information from all of your guides and helpers from the other side.  I also use my own healing team of Warriors to help break down the unconscious beliefs you hold, that prevent you from loving relationships, money and success. 


We work as a team to put into action the steps to the life you want to create!


"Kathy has a way of taking people into their shadows, places they wouldn't normally go, and assisting them in finally resolving those past wounds and traumas in a very short period of time."...


"She has an ability to create the most safe and secure space to finally look at the darkness and the blocks you have acquired over your life."...


"The 45 minutes she spent with Kathy were pivotal!" ...



"The release is profound. The feeling of lightness overcomes you even though you know intellectually she has just walked you through what seemed like the scariest and heaviest place you could imagine - the places within you have avoided all of your life." ...




"So what is aging?  Every 7-10 years our body is totally renewed.  DNA can be changed!  DNA is not stagnant once we are born with it!  The best ageless remedies I can give you are to heal your beliefs, let your emotions flow, and release the energy blockages in your system."


"He cooked with intentional presence and filled the food with love.  Food really is the language of love.  The food melted in our mouths with warmth and love flooding our bodies.  That day was monumental.  The red wine was so delicious."


page 108... "You have 'settled and sold out' for less than what you want.  You are living a pretend life and you feel it inside.  You let everyone else advise and control your life.  You are dead inside and feel trapped in your life due to responsibility, fear, guilt, etc."

Red Wine & Cigarettes

by Kathy D. Carter 


My Soul's Purpose is to Help You

Live Your Soul's Purpose,

Stand in Your  Power,

Discover & Develop Your Gifts, 

& Speak Your Truth  - 

Regardless of What Anyone Else Says!

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