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Welcome, Kathy D Carter is an Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach.


Hi, I’m Kathy D Carter.  As a Psychic, Frequency Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher, Empath, Author, and Artist I am able to call upon my years of spiritual training, extra sensory Clair gifts and life experience to help you release all the blocks to the amazing future you know you can have, but aren’t sure how to get there!  We all have a magnificent life within our reach, but sometimes we need some guidance on how to access it.  I can help!

In each session I call upon my abilities to clear stuck energy, hear and see the workings of your higher self and relay the information from all of your guides and helpers from the other side.  I also use my own healing team of Warriors to help break down the unconscious beliefs you have built around yourself blocking you from loving relationships, money and success. 

We work as a team to put into action the steps to the life you want to create!  I am now conveniently located at 1600 Carpenter Drive, Plano TX 75074. 

Kathy D Carter can teach you how to look younger, reverse illness, live happier, & control weight!
Kathy D Carter can teach you how to look younger, reverse illness, live happier, & control weight!

My Soul's Purpose is

to Help You Live Your Soul's Purpose,

Stand in Your  Power,

Discover & Develop Your Gifts, 

& Speak Your Truth  - 

regardless of what anyone else says!

A young teenager asked me....What do you call a Warrior?


My response was a Warrior may have similar thoughts to these:

I'm different.

I don't fit in.

This place needs changed.

I "know" things others don't know.

Why can't they see/know what I see/know?

I've been through hell and survived....why?

I am determined, strong, and hard-headed.

Why am I discounted as not "knowing"?

I "know"/"feel" what I'm suppose to be doing......and can't get there.

I "hear, feel, know, taste, smell, and/or see" things that I believe others can also but maybe they don't.

I feel overwhelmed with the problems of the world!

I seek out whatever works to ease the "pain, confusion, the overwhelm, etc".


The list goes on!!!

How Will You Be Remembered???

Who are you choosing to be?  First let’s describe aspects of the Dark & Gloom Person.  They are people that are choosing to be a victim of other people’s actions.  They have developed a pattern of believing they have little control over their actions, over how they feel, and over how they observe situations.  This is false!  This is the Victim Mentality. 

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Face Our Fears!

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Is "Time Out" Really Healthy???

I believe we have been taught how to live the exact opposite of being healthy and happy over the years!  I know our bodies have an infinite intelligent wisdom and that we have never been educated on how to work in tandem with our bodies. 

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