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Kathy D Carter author of "Red Wine & Cigarettes"... a self-help book on escaping thought seduction and finding your one lost love.





"Red Wine




by Kathy D Carter



Escaping thought seduction 


Finding your one lost love




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Screw The Facade






Red Wine & Cigarettes by Kathy D Carter
Red Wine & Cigarettes by Kathy D Carter


I hope you receive all the healing energy this book has to give...it can transform your life!  I truly believe I have channelled a powerful tool allowing people access to the power to heal themselves.  This book is the culmination of how I learned to release the unconscious beliefs that had been holding me back for years.  My training camp was a debilitating illness where for 7 years I learned to release the blocks in my life or have no life at all.  Granted my learning was extreme, but I know it all was created for me to understand how to translate my years of growth into a powerful book with accompanying exercises to empower people to do it on their own and in much shorter time frames with lots of whimsical moments, humor, and thoughts to guide my readers.  I hope you enjoy reading "Red Wine & Cigarettes".  Maybe my next book is "Red Wine & Roses", a book about how to really love yourself...........



From front cover to back cover this book is meant to PROVOKE and TRIGGER emotions in the reader to help them uncover their unconscious beliefs.  Many errors or strays from the norm that you encounter are for the reader's own healing!



·        ....... Find others of like mind and make an agreement to playfully catch each other in negative thoughts and say we need a quippet now.  “Quippet me.  Take me higher!”  Make it fun!

...  .....All you need to do to change your life is find what is right in this moment!  Raise the vibrational frequency.  A quippet is any action that makes you feel INSTANTLY better....       TAKEN FROM "Red Wine & Cigarettes" by Kathy D Carter.



Book written by Kathy D. Carter


"A self-help book of escaping thought seduction

and finding your one lost love."


Book excerpts

“Tell me your fantasies Mr. Non-Judgmental, a Scorpio, said.  I’m the most non-judgmental person you will ever meet and he was!  He was so open and honest.  He was considerate, sincere and caring.  He seemed to always be in the present moment drinking in all the details of the surroundings as well as the action taking place.  He remembered them all.  He appeared to me to have all the good characteristics that Christian Grey had.”


"It means accepting the responsibility that I am the only one responsible for me, and how I behave, and live my life. No one makes me angry or sad or helpless.  I choose to feel that way."


"So what is aging?  Every 7-10 years our body is totally renewed.  DNA can be changed!  DNA is not stagnant once we are born with it!  The best ageless remedies I can give you are to heal your beliefs, let your emotions flow, and release the energy blockages in your system."


"He cooked with intentional presence and filled the food with love.  Food really is the language of love.  The food melted in our mouths with warmth and love flooding our bodies.  That day was monumental.  The red wine was so delicious."


Reader's Comments

5.0 out of 5 starsI on Amazon.com

Absolutely enjoyed Kathy's book

By Amazon Customer on May 14, 2016


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I absolutely enjoyed Kathy's book. I have read several on the same subject and have to say that hers is one of my favorite. You can feel her energy on every single page and you just know that she is really trying to help the reader. I highly recommend this book.

"I absolutely loved the book and have come away with lots of nuggets of pure gold. I found myself taking notes in a journal and have found myself wanting to share things like “Feel It! Heal It! Release It! Learning and understanding how Anger stored from the past keeps us from living our authentic self. I can see this in my life and your book has helped me recognize it. Now I have the tools needed to understand the anger, feel it and move past it. I’m excited for what tomorrow will bring and feel much more empowered. The tools and exercises in your book are helping me understand why illness has shown up in my life and how to move past it. Thank you for this blessing!" 


Penny B

Dallas TX

"Dearest Kathy,  You have been an anchor for me all day! I left last night feeling the most optimistic that I have in quite some time. I did the 60 minutes last night before going to sleep and then again this morning coz I work up in a panic. Then read most of the Non-Judgmental chapter. For lunch I took another hour outside by the pool - note to self: do Kathy’s routine weekly outside!!!  Thank you for coming into my life. Your love, light and laughter is most needed in the world."


Trish Mathews

Dallas, TX



"Still reading little by little.  I have to say your approach to a personal development book is good.  Rather than just the typical analytical jargon, you smack the reader in the face with thought provoking scenarios and walk us through the process to improvement."


CC Stiff