03. August 2021
WHAT IS YOUR “INNER MORAL CODE”? In my work with clients I refer to “your inner moral code” many times. Today a new client asked me what is your inner moral code. Your inner moral code is your very own unique guidelines that you live by. Your inner moral code is specific to you and defined ONLY BY YOU…not anyone else. You might believe it is okay to steal food because you are starving and another person’s inner moral code would not be okay with stealing food. You determine what your inner
11. May 2021
Here is a partial list of symptoms for being addicted to “stored emotion power”:

28. October 2020
Entertain the idea that death on earth is not what you perceive it to be.
01. July 2020
Why creating an anger room in your home can reduce anxiety and help prevent illness.

21. April 2020
Being at home during this pandemic gives you a clearer understanding of yourself and your motivations if you look for it. Do you want certain hair services, nail services, products and body treatments because you want them for yourself or
04. February 2020
How saying "yes" when you want to say "no" weakens your Personal Power and energy field.

29. January 2020
“Need” and Manifesting Need….Want….Waste….Excess Are these words and their definitions playing a huge hidden role in your ability to manifest? We’ll bet they are!
31. July 2019
Many of us stay locked up in a prison of low frequency emotion most of our life. Isn't it time to find the key and let yourself free? Hopefully this blog will help you find your key!

10. October 2017
Will you be remembered as a Dark & Gloomy Person or as a Light and Fun Person?
12. August 2017
Learn how to face, feel and free yourself of your fears!

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