23. April 2023
There are many secrets of colliding with your partner (friend, family member, co-worker, anyone) and moving forward. Let’s look at seven questions to ask ourselves that will help us gain a lot of insight. Remember conflict/arguments are meant to be healing when handled appropriately.
14. February 2023
Often we wonder how can I make a difference. I'm just one person! We would like to show you how you can help change the world!

29. September 2022
Controlling energy is manifesting. People don’t realize they are constantly manifesting their futures every second!
30. July 2022
As we experience duality on Earth and learn lessons here for our growth and healing we must understand some essential facts about Earth life. Here are 21 key facts for living a good Earth life!

29. July 2022
So often when healing we forget the life secrets of Earth that right in front of us. We must learn and master each one of them to flourish and have a joyful life!
24. July 2022
As a energy worker I see these signs over and over when people are needing to work on raising their vibrational frequency. How many of the signs do you relate to?

24. March 2022
What is your definition of love? Everyone has somewhat of a different definition. We think that Love is meant to be shared without expectation, control, judgment or resistance. However, we seldom find it shared that way!
04. February 2022
In my work with clients I refer to “your inner moral code” many times. Today a new client asked me what is your inner moral code. Your inner moral code is your very own unique guidelines that you live by.

03. February 2022
What is Valentine's Day? Why do I feel alone on Valentine's Day? Do I love myself?
11. May 2021
Here are 18 symptoms for being addicted to your “stored emotion power”. These are things that need your attention so they can heal!

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