SOUL ENERGY CLEARING:  Clutter is Butter

I want to explain how clutter is to our soul what excess butter is to our body.

We all know if we eat way too much butter (fat) that we gain excess weight which makes our physical body strained. The more fat that we accumulate on the body makes it work harder and harder to do its everyday functions. The organs start getting fat stored on them, our breathing becomes more labored, our cholesterol gets out of hand, our mood drops, we may feel more depressed, our joints start hurting from the extra weight load, our feet hurt more, it is harder to move and get around, and we wish we were thinner! 


Did you know that some people have lost weight easily after clearing the clutter from their lives?


I want to say clutter is to our soul what butter is to our body. When we have our home, car, purse, computer and office which are extensions of us cluttered; our life is less clear and joyful.  Clutter weighs us down. A cluttered drawer is chaos. We open it and may just give up trying to find what we want. The closet where we keep everything that we might need or use later when opened spills onto the floor. This makes our soul labored. Having clutter in our life drags us down. Our happiness and joy lessen. Our ability to focus and think clearly is affected by our cluttered life. 


  • Let's keep the clutter out of our life.
  • Tackle just one item at a time.  Maybe start with your purse, locker or car.
  • Clean one drawer tonight.
  • If we haven’t used the items in the past year or six months, I say toss or donate them.
  • Any item needing repaired or is broken needs either fixed now or tossed.
  • Is it really worth hanging on to that item when we probably won’t find it or remember we even have it when we need it?  More than likely we will go buy another one anyway.
  • Joyfully take all the clothes out of our closet that don’t fit or that we haven’t worn in the past year.

  • In a couple of days happily clean out the closet and toss everything that is robbing us of joy and mental clarity as all clutter does.

  • Feng Shui always says remove any item from our life that makes us feel bad when we see it.
  • As we clear all the areas of clutter from our life we will feel lighter, happier, and more carefree.


Try it and see!

Please post your experiences here on my blog.