Purchase your Personalized Healing Mandala


I am able to intuitively prepare a mandala that is made specifically for your healing. 


(Please Note that delivery can take up to 4 weeks depending on order volume.)



Personalized Healing Mandala


Healing Mandalas have been used for centuries.  The color and shape combinations create and promote healing in your life.  My Mandalas are infused with Universal Healing Energy that flows through me when I work.  Just by studying and looking at the Mandalas a person receives and integrates the healing energy into their body.  Mandalas are another tool to assist you in healing and raising your vibrational frequency.


Mandalas have a different effect on everyone because we are all unique and have different requirements.  My Mandalas assist you in breaking up energy blockages and retraining brain thought patterns.  You may feel emotional movement as the Mandala does its work.  Allow your body to release whatever it is ready to let go of.  Many people feel a sense of ease, excitement, or even great happiness looking at the Mandalas.  Each Mandala serves a different purpose for everyone.


Order you very own specially prepared healing Mandala today!  Choose an area you would like to work on in your life like less fear, more abundance, more love for yourself, or whatever is in your Highest Good at this time of your life.


Each and every Mandala is unique one of a kind art pieces that I could not duplicate if I tried.  Many times I know how the piece should be matted and framed which of course I will pass along to you.


You will receive a hand signed by me original piece of acrylic/watercolor artwork on 12" x 12" acid free, heavy weight, cold press, watercolor paper.  Shipping is not included in the price.  If you desire a different size or want me to frame your piece, please contact me for additional pricing and shipping costs.


Below are a few of the mandalas I have created over the past 10 years.  There are a few that are colored pencil on black paper but the majority of my work is in acrylic/watercolor.  If you feel a connection with a mandala it is because it holds healing for you!  Prints of these mandalas may also be ordered.  Just email me.  I reserve all copyrights.