Hi!  I'm Kathy D Carter
Hi! I'm Kathy D Carter


We can transform your life! 


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Remember to text Kathy at 214-245-2293 to schedule your appointment.

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Personalized Intuitive Healing!

• Step into sessions that are carefully tailored to your individual needs, combining intuitive readings, Reiki energy healing, and

revolutionary NuVision holographic scanning.

• This multifaceted approach offers a safe sanctuary, completely free of judgment. 

• Whether individually or in groups, my focus is on channeling divine guidance from spirit guides, addressing your unique concerns and occasionally receiving insights from past loved ones.


Delve Deeper, Heal Faster:

• Flexible Sessions: Choose between 1- or 2-hour weekly sessions, allowing for deep and accelerated healing—yet, the pace is entirely up to you! 

• Diverse Focus Areas: Pick areas like love, money, health, purpose, traumas, or metaphysical gifts to focus on and transform. 

• Distant Healing: Experience healing between visits, leveraging the delicate power of energy frequencies to maximize your spiritual well-being.


NuVision Holographic Scanning:

• NuVision taps into the vibrational frequencies of the universe, enabling targeted enhancements by scanning your holographic field. 

• This can pinpoint optimal healing locations on the planet for you to visit or energetically receive the frequency of with scheduled reconnects to your field and reveals specific issues like the causes of headaches, your most specific beneficial manifesting affirmations, flower essences, crystals, relationship tips, career information, soul's purpose and so much more!

• By realigning your energy field, it fosters balance, vitality, harmony, and self-healing without diagnosing. 

• Feel the restoration of balance within your being, unlocking your body's natural wisdom to heal itself.


Empower Your Life: I am dedicated to helping you:

• Heal and understand your current or past life events and traumas. 

• Resolve life’s dilemmas and conquer your fears with courage. 

• Break and recover from old, recurring behavior patterns. 

• Identify and dissolve limiting beliefs, both conscious and unconscious. 

• Manage how to be an empath if you are one and connect with your Higher Self. 

• Discover and develop your metaphysical gifts responsibly.


Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose:

• Receive insightful teachings on intuition, affirmations, how to love yourself, and manifestation techniques. 

• Get guidance on making life changes, accessing creativity, and aligning with your Soul’s Purpose. 

• Embrace a life of empowerment, confidence, and full of fun, love, joy, and gratitude.


Experience Ultimate Rejuvenation:

• As a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, I use my intuitive healing skills to elevate your vibrational frequency and rejuvenate your body and spirit. 

• Most clients leave feeling refreshed, peaceful, relaxed, and more energetic after a session.


For any inquiries or to schedule your transformative session, please text me at 214-2345-2293 with your full name and availability. Embark on a journey uniquely designed for your spiritual evolution and experience a life enriched with peace, joy, and clarity! Keep an eye out for my online calendar, coming soon!


 I offer the following services: 

  • New Client Welcome Session - special introductory 2 hour session! 
  • Single Sessions - zoom - readings or reiki energy healings or NuVision Scan
  • Transform Me Now Retreats - ideal for those wanting fast, soul-altering healing!
  • Personalized Healing Mandala - a channeled original signed Mandala for your very own healing!
  • Gift Certificates ideal for any occasion!

 Payments may be made thru

website with PayPal or

Venmo @Kathy-Carter-41 

Zelle 214-245-2293

 Cash App $kathyheals

New Client Welcome Session!

SPECIAL - First Session with Kathy

2 hour Session for only $170.00  Save $50

Limit one per new client

Text 214-245-2293 to schedule appointment




Reading/Healing or Reiki Energy Healing or NuVision Scan

Text 214-245-2293 for appointment

1 Hour $110.00

1.5 Hour $165.00

2 Hours $220.00



Transform Me NOW! - Retreats


Choose a beautiful place of your choice!

1 day to 1 week - 1  to 12 people

Email or text 214-245-2293 for details, scheduling, and pricing!

Retreats allow for a massive amount of healing to take place in a very short amount of time. I will work with you hour by hour and day by day on healing your soul. Retreats are fully customizable to meet your healing goals. The time frame can range anywhere from one day to seven days. Retreats allow for me to delve into the deep rooted issues that are holding you back and help you heal. We will examine current/past life events, conscious/unconscious beliefs, your shadow side, stored emotions, releasing old patterns, and so much more!  You walk away a new person feeling so empowered and in control of your own life!

Personalized Healing Mandala

Personalized Healing Mandala

12 inch x 12 inch signed original art




Order your very own personalized healing Mandala created by me. 

I will channel an effective way of healing for you by looking at an art piece.

More information click here.


Give the Gift of Healing!

Please text 214-245-2293 or email me after purchasing

with recipients name and email.

Gift Certificate delivered by email within 24-48 hours of purchase 

Gift Certificates are valid for 1 year after purchase date 

Help change the World - One Soul at a time!


Gift Certificate delivered by email. Please remember to send recipient's email!



Greatly Appreciated

Used to help those in need


 Payments may be made thru

Venmo @Kathy-Carter-41 

Zelle 214-245-2293

 Cash App $kathyheals