Hi!  I'm Kathy D Carter
Hi! I'm Kathy D Carter

We can transform your life!  Are you ready?


 You have everything you need inside of you! 

I will help you access it. 

Then you will be living your Soul's Purpose!


Email or text 214-245-2293 for pricing on: 

individual/group retreats 

party readings

speaking events

group sessions  

gallery readings  etc.


* Gift Certificates Available Below *


All Sessions FaceTime - Zoom


Many clients prefer sessions by phone in the convenience of their home.

Energy healing works the same whether in person or distant.

DONATIONS and payments may also be made thru

Venmo @Kathy-Carter-41 


Zelle 214-245-2293


Cash App $kathyheals

New Client Session

First Time with Kathy

90 minutes includes Reiki & Reading

(Limit one per client) 



FaceTime - Zoom

Text 214-245-2293 to schedule your appointment after purchase



Single & Package Sessions

Session with Kathy

21 hour package $3,360.00 -MOST POPULAR 

11 hour package $1,760.00

7 hour package $1,120.00

90 minutes $240.00

60 minutes $160.00

30 minutes $100.00

Most clients prefer sessions lasting 2-4 hours

FaceTime - Zoom

Text 214-245-2293 to schedule your appointment after purchase


Reform Me NOW! - Retreats

Want Change Now, today?

Schedule a Retreat with Kathy

1 day to 1 week

1 person up to 12 people

Email Kathy for details, scheduling, and pricing!

When NOTHING Else Has Helped




These programs are intensive sessions that BREAK through your blocks and provide a great option for those willing to commit to changing their lives!  Purchase a program today and Change Your Life!


Available in: 

11 hour program $2,200.00

21 hour program $4,200.00


Programs Include:


  • Accomplish at your own pace (with at least weekly sessions of 1-7 hours)
  • Your own distant energy healing between visits
  • Your individual text message support 
  • Picking a life area(s) to focus on like love, money, health, gifts, etc.
  • Your visits of channelled information from your guides
  • Your visits of Reiki Energy & Vibrational Frequency Healing
  • Teachings on effectively using affirmations and manifesting
  • Releasing energy blockages and old repeating patterns
  • Dissolving old unconscious beliefs 
  • Guidance in making life changes and discovering your Soul's Purpose
  • Discovering and developing your own gifts
  • Gaining more fun, peace, love, joy and gratitude in life!
  • Your immediate family members get special reduced session rates

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

Text 214-245-2293 to schedule your appointment after purchase


Give the Gift of Healing!



Please text 214-245-2293 or email me after purchasing with recipients name and email.


Donations are used to serve lower


Gift Certificate delivered by email within 24-48 hours of purchase --Quicker if requested 


Help change the World - One Soul at a time!


Gift Certificate delivered by email. Please remember to send recipient's email!


It takes consistency and ongoing work to change your life!

Inquire how we can change your life!

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