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Saturday May 11, 2019  1pm - 4pm

1600 Carpenter Drive - Plano TX 75074


Once again by request Kathy is offering her very successful "Heal Me" Class. Kathy's Heal Me Class is a wonderful tool for helping you heal and raise your vibrational frequency. You will leave this class feeling empowered, refreshed, and eager to move forward. Finally you will see through old patterns of behavior, why they have kept you stuck, and how to transform them! Why not finally choose to move into becoming the Creator of Your Life and out of being the victim/survivor of your life???


Kathy is known for her Soul Finder Programs where she can take you to your darkest depths, help heal you, and bring you back to more awareness.  Her Heal Me Class has helped many see healing themselves in a whole new way.  It explains why we do the things we do.  It brings to light unconscious beliefs and old repeating patterns that control our lives and helps transform them into higher consciousness ways.  The class gives everyone workable tools to turn their lives around and get unstuck!  She teaches you why you are not responsible for attracting everything that occurs in your life.  Kathy is a Reiki Master, Frequency Healer, and Spiritual Life Coach.  She has written a fun self-help book titled "Red Wine & Cigarettes" available on Amazon.  Visit her website for more information.



to be announced soon 


1600 Carpenter Drive, Plano TX 75074 



Everyone will receive a free short reading from Kathy!


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There is no charge for the meetup but donations are gratefully received.