ENERGY HEALING:  Letting Your Tears Flow!

I feel it is important to become conscious about crying and not crying.  We have so many "defense mechanisms" we use to keep from feeling our emotions.  The physical human body must feel, heal and release the emotions it encounters in order to remain healthy!  Let's count the ways we can stop our tears from flowing...



***Remember your mascara will run and you will look a mess 

***Start coughing and need to excuse yourself to get a drink

***Look up to the ceiling while tilting your head back to keep that first tear from rolling down 

***Bite your tongue to cause a pain in the body to divert attention away from the tears that are forming 

***Keep eating your favorite comfort food to stop feeling the emotions that are rising in your body 

***Keep drinking your favorite alcoholic drink to numb yourself so the tears won’t flow 

***All of the sudden you remember you forgot to do something and need to leave 

***Refuse to watch sad movies because you know you will not be able to cry just a few tears 

***Change the topic of conversation if you see it is leading you to tears 

***Put on extra eye makeup so you will really look a mess if you ever let that first tear flow 

***Smoke a cigarette to control the rise of emotion….then smoke another…..then another 

***Remember you must text or make a phone call or send an email right this minute….excuse me 

***Remember you have to go to the bathroom right now 

***Tense your body and start breathing very shallow while giving yourself commands to not cry 

***Remember you are out in public and people should not see you cry 

***Remember if people see you cry it means you are weak and have no control over your life and body 


Some of you have never given this any thought or used any of these methods to stop your tears from flowing.  However, many of you have used these techniques over and over and become such a master of them.  You have developed a pattern of behavior that is run automatically to keep you from feeling your emotions and releasing your tears.  This pattern is unconscious and very unhealthy.  


When society taught you not to cry they did not teach you that it is merely the way your body stays healthy.  Our human body knows how to stay healthy, vibrant and strong until we transition back into our energy soul form, but we don’t support and let it do that.   Instead we are taught to behave in a manner that actually fights against our body staying healthy and believe we must decline physically before we transition.  


I call upon my Warriors and Warriors to be that have come to break all these unconscious and conscious patterns of behavior to heal them so they are role models for all the people around them.  Let’s teach and learn that it is okay and a necessary component of our health to allow our tears to flow!


And men I believe have it so much worse than women on this issue.  They've never been allowed to cry!  I'd love to hear some men comment on this discussion.  I'd also love to hear other ways you have held back your tears.