SOUL CANDY:  Helps Instant Manifesting

Do some self-love and have a piece of Soul Candy for supporting instant manifestation today!


Setting up for a meeting the other night one of the men mentioned to me more than once that things had just been happening in his life so easily for the past several months.  If he needed something it showed up or if he had a problem the solution was there almost instantly as we actually witnessed two or three times during set up.  I told him I called this “being in the flow of life”.  It can also be considered instant manifesting because everything seems to work itself out almost instantly.  I’ve ridden that wave and known the luscious feel of it.  It’s like learning to surf.  How long can I ride this wave?  He’s been on it for several months!


“Being in the flow of life” is also like water flowing down a creek.  The water is free of resistance, judgment, control, and expectation. It doesn’t try to stop flowing when there is a log in front of it.  The water doesn’t judge the bank scenery or creek bottom and wish it was different.  It doesn’t try to control which way it goes down the rapids or where it flows to or what other water it meets along the way.  And the water has no expectation as to when it will evaporate and whether it will turn into rain or snow.  Maybe if we try living our life like this water flowing down the creek we will also “be in the flow of life”.  I told him I had experienced this “being in the flow of life” several times before and it certainly is a lovely place to be.


Later about 3:30 a.m. I woke contemplating what puts us in the flow of life.  What makes it possible for us to stay in the flow?  The answer came to me that it is our Soul’s candy.  So what is our Soul’s candy I asked?  It’s like giving candy to your inner child only this is for your Soul they said.  When our Soul is being fed its favorite candy our life is on a natural high.  So the first vision of Soul candy for me was receiving a warm spring breeze air bath.  Then I was flooded with other brands and kinds of Soul candy. 


Soul candy is finally doing what you have always wanted to do but haven’t.  Everyone has a list of things they want to do but haven’t for various long drawn out fear filled excuses and reasons.  Start with a small item and work your way to the bigger ones on your list.  Live your life!  Life is only right now in this moment!  This one act will change you deep inside and you will like the “feel” of it.  Trust me.


Soul candy is also being enchanted, being inspired, being lost in time, sharing Soul to Soul, following your heart, laughing, choosing to see the positive, feeling grateful, feeling passion, stopping long enough to “feel” the satisfaction and gratitude in having completed something, being present and aware of what is around you in the moment, being still and quiet, growing, trying something new and different, getting help discovering and living your Soul’s purpose at last, receiving gracefully, choosing to feel good, using your imagination, paying attention to your special treasure chest of gifts and using them (everyone comes in with an extremely unique treasure chest of their very own-another blog), and last but not least walking au naturel, or not, in a warm soft rain and really “feeling” each and every drop fall upon your body.  It is all about living in the present moment with our senses which is all we have!  It also helps if you are the one in control of producing your thoughts.


If we have Soul candy more often we will be able to ride the surf board longer and longer and stay in the flow of life with everything we need being provided to us.  It’s like instant manifesting!  At the very least we will be able to handle day to day life on a whole new level.  Try to feed your Soul a piece of candy today!  See what happens!  I’d love to hear about your experiences.