Isn't the search for ascending (raising our vibrational frequency) just another "defense mechanism"?

Everyone is looking “outside” of themselves for the perfect way to ascend or in other words raise their vibrational frequency.  Several people go to exercise and types of yoga classes religiously to ascend. Other people believe going into various types of meditation and prayer will help them ascend. It is also believed that abstaining from sex, alcohol, and drugs will cause you to ascend.  Certain diets will cause ascension.  There are also hundreds of thousands of “certified practices and healings” that will help you heal and ascend.  Aren’t all of these in a sense another form of “controlling” our life and searches “outside” of our self for ascension?


A “defense mechanism” is what I call a way of diverting our self from our self. I am preparing a whole blog devoted to “defense mechanisms” because they are very tricky and disguised. One of the biggest “defense mechanisms” is staying busy taking care of other people or you could say being in other people’s business. By doing this most people place their self-worth of being needed, important and wanted in outside sources. You feel life has meaning again. Addictions are also a “defense mechanism”. Addictions also keep us from feeling our emotions. Anything that unusually absorbs your time whether it is fighting for causes, controlling your children, always available to help others, and bingeing out on your favorite food is a “defense mechanism” that keeps you from you. “Defense mechanisms” keep you from FEELING your emotions!


Our body is to society what our cells are to our body. We know when cells change our body changes. If more cells change more noticeable body changes result. It  is our responsibility and Warrior duty to help change the world! That’s what most of us came to do. “Feel” the Warrior inside of you. When we change, we change other people which results in changing society! What we think and how we act affects the world. Let that soak in.


Become the Creator of your thoughts and actions. Don’t let them run on autopilot. That’s a plug for my book on Amazon “Red Wine & Cigarettes” that teaches you how to do just that.  :)  The bottom core of what we are here to do is to learn to love our self by FEELING our emotions and then the rest will take care of itself. Everyone has been pulled away from their emotions. People have honestly disengaged from them and do not know how to feel and express them even though most will SWEAR they do. Going inside only means allowing yourself to truly get back in touch and FEEL your emotions while loving yourself unconditionally the entire time! It’s strange hard work that feels different to us but we don’t need to control anything in life except to ride the waves and enjoy it by feeling our emotions. All is good! That is how we can get back to unconditional love for our self and all the people of the world. It’s time to relax, feel and live a little!