Gain back your personal power by saying No.

When we say “yes” to someone because we feel we “should” or “need to” or “it’s the only right answer”, when in reality we want to say no, we are literally handing some of our personal power to that person. We “give away” our personal power when we say yes and truly want to say no.


The next time you say yes and really feel a no, please take a moment and go inside your body. How does it feel? Do you feel good? Are you centered? Did your heart rate change? Are you grounded? Are you feeling calm, peaceful, happy and strong? Are you breathing smoothly? Are you present in the moment and holding your power? Is your “Light” (aura, energy field) shining brightly or did it just dim?


Most of us have learned to ignore the feeling of selling our self out. In other words we may feel obligated or attached to say yes and give away some of our power by ignoring our body’s balance system. Our emotions are our body’s very intelligent “balance system” that we have been taught and have learned to ignore and store away for a later date. However, storing emotions only creates the open invitation of illness and disease to our physical bodies.


Please consider saying “No” the next time you want to. You will be loving yourself and your body by doing so. You will be holding on to your own Personal Power. Check out how that feels! This will also keep your luminosity strong and probably even increase it! The higher our vibrational frequency and the healthier our energy field, the higher our luminosity will be.