What are the costs of arguing to prove you are right???

You choose to lower your vibrational frequency (give up some of your power) when you allow yourself to become engaged with someone in fighting and arguing.   When you try to “convince” or explain your stance to someone that is not capable or cannot understand you; you are expending your energy for no good cause.


For example if vibrational frequency (VF) 95.4 engages VF105.4 in a fight, (remember that VF95.4 does not yet grasp and understand all the concepts that VF105.4 has experienced and integrated into their system ONLY because of their places on life’s path), VF105.4 can explain and try to convince VF95.4 forever to no avail OR VF105.4 can lower their vibrational frequency back down and get sucked further and further down into the tornado funnel until they are no longer conscious of their choices.  They have now engaged in the battle. They are reacting on old stored raw emotion they still have not healed and released from their own energy field if this happens.  So in fact VF95.4 has served as a catalyst/trigger for VF105.4 to do more inner clearing and healing.


Now both VF95.4 and VF105.4 are engaged in a low frequency battle trying to prove they are right and no one wins.  Walking away and understanding the position of the other party can most times be the higher vibrational frequency action.  However, walking away with an attitude of I’m better than you or more progressed than you and not speaking at all is only another defense mechanism of avoiding your own emotions.


Our emotions are our golden nugget of information - our "check engine light" for self evolvement.....and everyone else is only our mirror reflection.  


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