The Old Battle of Evil vs. Good


There is always talk about The Dark and The Light battling each other.  What does that really mean?

I believe I want to keep My Light and My Dark sides.  I need them both!  I’m just more concerned with the balance or ratio, if you will, that I maintain most of the time between the two sides.  I prefer My Light to maintain majority hold of 51% or higher.


We are on the planet Earth.  Earth is a planet of duality.  She is a planet of contrast.  She is a planet of The Light and The Dark.  I’m glad she is because otherwise I wouldn’t know the difference between a hard slap in the face or my face being held in a loving embrace.  I wouldn’t know the difference between the best love making and the worse love making.  I would just be into ho hum love making all the time.  And think about kissing and hot spices and mild spices.  As you see, contrast makes life fun, exciting, meaningful, and yes, many times troublesome, unhappy, and full of despair.


Now you say, but The Dark is bad and evil and just wrong.  Is it?  What if someone came and stole your baby from your arms and was going to kill her right in front of you.  Would you not call upon your Darkest, meanest side to fight back and save her?  That’s using The Dark side of you.  Each and everyone one of us is made up of The Light and The Dark.


I believe we are in the shift of The Light and The Dark balance right now on all levels.  I mean personal, business, society, and global.  The Dark has held 51% or better for a long time on Earth.  The Dark is feeling threatened and reacting the very same as The Light does when threatened.  As we realize we are all one and Earth is a living organism also worthy of respectful loving treatment the same as each of us, we are shifting.


There is a huge group of us Warriors (ones that came to Earth to help shift it to The Light) that are on the brink of reaching a level of frequency and awareness where The Dark will lose their ability to trip us up with their illusions and constant negativity and low frequency interference in our lives.  The Dark will no longer find it possible to take us down into their realm.  The Dark is fully aware of this and putting out an all time high effort to stop us before we go over that brink.  The Dark works in many different ways just as The Light does.  Just hold your ground and know this too shall soon pass.  Within 6-12 months we will pass that brink and be on the other side where things will get smoother for us.  The Light will take the majority hold by 51% or more on Earth.


Just remember we are all evolving souls.  No one is right or wrong.  We have all played both sides.  Sometimes it takes a stronger soul to play The Dark side.  I feel a sort of compassion for those who sign up to play the deeds of The Dark so others get to learn and evolve.  Don’t confuse this with me justifying random low frequency acts of violence.  I’m just saying we are on a planet of duality and it is going to happen.  However with The Light maintaining 51% or more, these acts will become less and less and less frequent and random.



We have free will and choice.  Hold your Light!  Hold your Higher Vibrational Frequency by Holding your Personal Power.  When you stand in your Personal Power and your Light is Shining Bright, The Dark cannot take you down.  Fear and weakness are low frequency and allows the Dark to come in and influence you very easily. 


Hold your Power, Stand Strong, Shine Bright, and Be the Warrior you came to Be!  Let’s switch the majority hold on Earth to 51% and rising of The Light!