If you were over 3700 miles from home and someone you really didn’t know all that well told you to go find this cave at the bottom of this steep cliff in a park you’ve never been to and enter the cave without a phone and without a flashlight, matches, lighter, or any kind of light source, would you? 

You are told it is a somewhat long and strenuous hike down and back up. Would you take the chance in an effort to learn more about who you really are? Would it be worth the effort?


You are told that you have to climb up and over this big boulder that is a real challenge because the entrance is hidden from view, but you will hear the waterfall. You are told there are signs saying danger do not go past this point but you must to get to the cave entrance. That was all correct information. You are told you must walk through the waterfall without knowing the depth of the water because it varies. You are told to walk all the way to the dead end of the cave and sit for awhile. You also know that you may be able to stand up during the entire walk because you are possibly short enough.


Would you be able to trust your intuition on this? Would you know what to do? Would FEAR control your decision? Would you say common sense says not to go? Would you say I’m not familiar with the wildlife and insects here so I cannot do this? Would you say anybody that does that is just crazy? Would you say a person that does that is a thrill seeker?


What if you did find it and was standing on top of the boulder with the entrance below you? What would you say???