SMILES – Hate Dissolves in Love

Are your smiles genuine, healthy and felt from your heart?  Are they rooted in your heart or head?  Do you give out snippet fake smiles?

A snippet smile is a smile someone cuts as a picture and saves it to their clipboard.  They are ready to paste this smile on their mouth when they feel it is needed and appropriate as required by society or just running an old pattern of I need to smile here.   Notice when and if you feel “required” to smile.  As soon as they paste it to their mouth it disappears because it has no loving heart roots and the person usually isn’t “present” enough to even notice because they have already moved on to thinking about something in the future or past---they have moved out of the present moment.



A genuine smile from the heart is a precious gift in many ways.  Not only does it feel good to give to another something of value and meaning, a smile is a healing for both the giver and receiver.  Try smiling and holding tension or anger in your jaw, head, neck or even shoulders.  A genuine heartfelt smile releases tension, anger and will raise your vibrational frequency.  Conjure up a genuine smile the next time you are aware of being in the low vibrational frequencies of fear, hate, depression, anger, sadness, despair, worry, guilt and shame.  They cannot exist in the higher frequency of a genuine heart rooted smile of unconditional love.



Consciously raise your vibrational frequency, break the old pattern of being in a low vibrational state.  Fear, hate and illness cannot live in high vibrational frequency.  Illness thrives in an acid environment (low frequency) but dissolves in an alkaline one (higher frequency).  Next time you start feeling sick try adding ½ teaspoon of regular baking soda to a glass of water and drinking it.  If you notice it tasting very salty then your body doesn’t need it.  You can verify this with ph testing strips. However, if you don’t notice the salty taste your body is too acid and this will help bring it back to a balanced state and can actually prevent or greatly shorten an illness.


In my book “Red Wine & Cigarettes” (yes, it is a FUN self-help book) the term “Quippet” is used.  That is when you practice becoming aware of when you are in a low vibrational frequency and IMMEDIATELY make the choice not to stay there by using a quippet.  Quippet me now!  Quippet me higher!  Use a song, dance, watch a comedian, and hug someone, use anything to bring you to happiness and joy and laughter.  See my book “Red Wine & Cigarettes” by Kathy D Carter available on Amazon for more exercises and information.