Is "Time Out" Really Healthy???

I believe we have been taught how to live the exact opposite of being healthy and happy over the years!  I know our bodies have an infinite intelligent wisdom and that we have never been educated on how to work in tandem with our bodies. 

Stored emotion is the primary cause of illness yet we are taught from a very early age to ignore and “store” our emotions.  We are taught don’t cry, don’t be angry, don’t be sad, and don’t love yourself and stay home from work when you are sick.  We are taught these are signs of weakness and you must never be weak!  A common unconscious collective belief most of us live by is that the more we suffer the worthier we are.  How is that working for us?  What if we REALLY learned how to love ourselves?


What does a child learn from time out other than how to store their emotions?


I felt so validated when I read the following from “No Bad Kids” by Janet Lansbury: “Young children are self-healing geniuses.  Have you noticed?  Sometimes their tantrums are an expression of immediate discomfort like fatigue or hunger.  Other times, however, they have a backlog of internalized feelings and will seem to deliberately and (seemingly) unreasonably push our limits so that we will hold steady and resist, which then opens up the escape valve they need to release these emotions. But this process can only work for them when we are able to set and hold limits and bravely accept their feelings.”


We cannot do this for our children if we are only emotional two year olds living in grownup adult bodies!  Please take the responsibility to heal yourself so you are a responsible mature role model and teacher for your children!  Let’s step up, do our healing work, and change this world!  I must give another kudo for places like the



All of us must learn that it is necessary for our own good health and happiness to feel, heal, and release our emotions.  This comes from my book “Red Wine & Cigarettes”.  I learned this during my own transformation and a process for releasing stored emotions from your energy field is described in my book.  Many people do need assistance in clearing their own energy field and physical body of stored repressed emotions. 


The rewards of doing this work are untold!

Warriors we can no longer hide!

The World needs us! 

Our Children need us!