How Will You Be Remembered???

Who are you choosing to be?  First let’s describe aspects of the Dark & Gloom Person.  They are people that are choosing to be a victim of other people’s actions.  They have developed a pattern of believing they have little control over their actions, over how they feel, and over how they observe situations.  This is false!  This is the Victim Mentality. 

They blame everyone else for EVERYTHING.  This becomes easier and easier as they have to take NO responsibility for who they are, how they feel, or how they act.  It is EVERYONE else’s fault how they are.  They begin living and staying in a very low frequency of life that contains negativity, anger, hate, victimhood, drama, resistance, and even depression.  They are always right, always see what is wrong, resist change, make many incorrect assumptions, are usually uncooperative, prejudice, and are very closed minded with black and white beliefs.  This life is easy in the sense you take no responsibility for yourself and can blame everyone else for everything.


Energetically the Dark & Gloom Person is most times an energy sucker.  This means they keep themselves content and satisfied by taking other people’s energy to feel good or by creating drama to feed off of.  Everyone has experienced this at some level.  You spend time with someone and you leave them feeling all drained, unhappy, upset, and out of sorts.  This is hard to explain for people that don’t understand energy fields and the exchange of energy between people.  If you have a Dark & Gloom Person in your life you may find yourself resisting them, becoming very uptight and upset when they try to make contact or be around you.  You quit listening to them even if they have credible knowledge.  You eventually find yourself rightfully avoiding them in order to maintain your own state of well being.


Now let’s describe the Light & Fun Person.  They are people that are consciously choosing to heal their emotional baggage and take responsibility for the person they are.  They seek out help and guidance for healing of their issues.  They have learned they are solely and totally responsible for their life and where it goes.  They control their emotions and learn what triggers their anger and they work on healing it rather than always dumping it on other people.  They understand and have learned that it is NEVER the other person’s fault for how they feel.  They know they have a choice of how they feel, how they behave, and for the person they become.  They have learned what it means for the world to be a mirror image of who they are.  They believe there are many areas of gray in life, they are very open minded, cooperative, understanding, loving, flexible, invite change, and always communicate fully to be sure they understand before making any assumptions.  They always CHOOSE to find the positive in every situation.  They are fun to be around and you always leave them feeling happier and lighter. 



Who are you choosing to be in this life?  Remember you are a role model for many people you do not even know.  At the end of this life……how do you want to be remembered???