Emotions are Not Meant to be Your Life Prison

Are You Locked Up in a Low Frequency Emotion Prison?


Let me say as a healer I hear, “I’ve done my work on that.” a lot!  Clients have usually worked and cried MANY hours in groups and/or with professional people thinking they have healed their issues. However, until it is cleared from the energy field of the person it is not complete. 


Usually when I hear I’ve done my work on that, it is an unconscious diversion technique and “resistance” to feeling emotion. All the clients I have encountered still have work to do.  It never ends!  As we go down the path, the path just gets longer. 

It is necessary to understand that concept so we can continue living and healing. 


Yes, you do reach a point in your healing work where you get to relax and enjoy life a whole lot more than when you first start your spiritual healing path!  However, you must energetically reach that point and not put up a MASK pretending you have reached it because mentally you feel you should be done with that by now. 


There is a stage of healing work you reach that is very scary and hard.  I call it a trip on your dark side.  Some call it doing your shadow work.  A lot of people pull out of doing the rest of the real hard work of healing at this point.  That is okay because we have free will and it is a choice!  Some choose to keep healing and moving to higher frequencies.  They must be willing to be vulnerable, face their fears, learn how to feel even deeper, accept who they are, and learn what forgiveness really means.


The stories we tell are the lives we live.  Be very careful of the stories you tell about yourself and your life.  Maybe you need to go back and rewrite some of your stories!  Are you telling the story that you have done the work when in fact you have put on  another mask and are presenting yet another façade of I’m good?  It’s easier to pretend to be healed than to admit you are still seeking approval, attention, and acceptance from others.  Or that inside you are still on the roller coaster and still have that unfulfilled “nurturing void”.  Or you still have the voices in your head that abuse you, criticize you, judge you, ridicule you, and find everything and more that is wrong with you …whether it is truth or not!


We must rid the collective consciousness of the unconscious belief that “suffering” makes us needed, worthy, righteous, and doing the right thing!  Suffering is not a necessary part of life.  Suffering is a very low frequency emotion that is very addictive!  Are you addicted to suffering and staying in lower frequencies all the time?  Are you continuing to play small? Emotions are key to life on Earth.  We must learn to “Feel them, Heal them, and Release them”….from my book “Red Wine & Cigarettes”.  Emotions are not meant to be our prison for life.  It is easier to stay a Victim than it is to become the Creator of your life.


As a Creator of your life you learn to let go more, feel more, forgive more, love more, stay in gratitude, always see what is right, and take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your choices and your thoughts!  You accept deeper and deeper levels of letting go of resisting, controlling, judging, and expecting.  Life on Earth is meant to be fulfilling, loving, stimulating, and exciting!  Not a prison of low frequency emotions like hate, greed, suffering, and sadness!  What choice are you making today?