You are NOT your body!

You Are NOT Your Body


              …Channeled by Kathy D. Carter


You are not your human bodies.  You are eternal energy souls.  You are a speck of energy in this vast energy universe.  Think of yourself as a speck of fairy dust or a sparkling distant star.  That is the essence of your eternal soul and gives your human analytical left brain a visual.


If you could only grasp this concept fully you would not be afraid of transitioning from your human transport bodies.  It would change your whole perspective on many things.  If you were not afraid of dying would your western medicine corporations be able to control you like they do?  Where else do you give 100% trust to a stranger about your life?  Do you get copies of your lab results and research all possibilities before being “told” what to do next or what medication you must take? 


Also are you aware that even the large internet search engines “control and censor” the search results you get?  Are you ushered by someone else who has “urgency” to get you to the next doctor for the next diagnosis and procedures or medications?  Are you aware there are other possibilities?


Have you ever made the decision about the care of your human transport body or have you given your choice over to someone else?  Someone else who you probably won’t see again or not see many more times in your life.  We are just asking that you take back your power and not place it in the hands of a stranger or others.  They may be driven unconsciously by training of a corporation with the motivation of money or not from true genuine concern for your health and what is best for you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually at this moment in time.


There are many ways you may give up your power.  Think about this.  In school were you allowed to express what you “wanted” to learn?  Did your parents fully support you in whatever decision you made for your soul or did they “influence” all your decisions?  Did your parents let you voice your wants, desires, and decisions and then support you fully, no matter what?  We are not saying children don’t need guidance, love, and protection, but we are saying they need to be “heard” and understood.  They matter!  They have their own soul’s contract to live out here on earth. It’s the parent’s responsibility to help them do just that.


Now let us give you one last point to ponder.  Many of you have metaphysical gifts you have suppressed, are trying to ignore, say you don’t want, or otherwise try to bury or stay unconscious of.   Let us say that is where many of you lose yourself.  Fighting your true essence and your eternal soul is the first betrayal of your personal power. 


You have so many children who are empaths for example, but your families and society don’t understand them.  They end up using their gifts to their disadvantage by “pleasing” everyone else to “keep the peace” instead of being taught how to use their gifts to their advantage.  Many people are on psychotic drugs, antidepressants, and many other prescriptions just because people’s gifts are not understood and accepted in your society.  Isn’t it time for this to change?  Do not let the illusion of death sway you.  You are eternal.  The change starts with each of you!