18 Symptoms You Are Addicted to the POWER of Stored Emotion

Here is a partial list of symptoms for being addicted to “stored emotion power”:


Ø  Outbursts of anger to control others

Ø  Yelling and screaming to control others

Ø  Physically abusing to control others

Ø  Crying to control others

Ø  Getting sick to control others

Ø  Lying to control others

Ø  Creating and participating in drama to control others

Ø  Giving pumped up praise to control others

Ø  Using “your techniques” to manipulate and control others

Ø  Using the “silent treatment” to control others

Ø  Being a bully to control others

Ø  Being naïve and shy to control others

Ø  Gossiping to get your way and control others

Ø  Playing dumb to control others

Ø  Always needing to defend yourself to control others

Ø  Having the need to always be right and prove it

Ø  Getting “your way” by controlling others

Ø  Dramatizing and exaggerating to control others


If you use any of these techniques in your life either consciously or unconsciously you are probably addicted to the power your stored emotion gives you.  You actually get a thrill, high, or payoff for your behavior.  Your inner children (yes, I teach you have many inner children) will remain in control of your behaviors until you heal them.  They stay “alive” in their traumas (stored emotion) until you heal them!


As a child we are all “Victim/Survivors” and we learn to adapt to our environment.  Most all of us endure traumas and some so intense our human transport system i.e. our human body “knows” to “store” the event away until the body and soul have matured to a level to be able to understand, comprehend, and “heal” the event.  Our problem is that this society does not teach people how to do it!  We remain victim/survivors our whole life.


Have you ever seen grown adults start acting or talking like little children?  This is the wounded inner child being triggered and the adult is mostly unconscious of it happening…but everyone else notices!  Just watch everyone in the news including news casters.  Stored emotion is able to “take control” of what you think, say, and do when it is triggered!  Drama is its food!  Do you ever regret, feel bad, or apologize for your behavior?  After a fight do you even remember what you said or did?  If not, you are probably suffering from the control of stored emotion.


People with stored emotion are easily controlled and manipulated by anyone.  All someone must do is trigger their fears, anger, and other emotions to get them to do whatever they want them to do.  They absolutely will not think on their own.  They will believe anything anyone tells them because they want to avoid “feeling”.   Please don’t be a follower!  Heal your stored emotion and take control as a “Creator” of your life instead of staying a “Victim” for your entire life!  Help is available…. It’s your choice!

Kathy D. Carter