21 Essential Facts of Earth Life

21 Key Facts of Earth Life


  1. Anything is possible!
  2. Miracles do happen!
  3. The higher your Vibrational Frequency the better Earth life you have!
  4. Beliefs create your Thoughts!
  5. Thoughts create your Emotions!
  6. Your Beliefs are conscious and unconscious and lots of them are programmed in by the age of 7!  Science says so!  Are you unconsciously letting a 4 year olds belief run your life?
  7. Your purpose on Earth is mastering “Emotions”.  Emotions are one of the hidden Earth treasures!
  8. Meditation is one way to master your Thoughts – (brain/mind)!
  9. Understanding Energy is the secret key for a good life on Earth!
  10. Your illness and physical symptoms start as stored energy in your energy field that surrounds your body!
  11. You can manifest anything if you know how!  Why not learn that it all starts as energy then becomes matter or materializes!
  12. If you say you can’t, you won’t.  If you say you can, you will!
  13. You have the opportunity to choose to use your “control” on yourself to raise your vibrational frequency.  It is easier than you think and it is also harder than you think!
  14. Imagination is another hidden Earth treasure!
  15. PTSD and traumas heal as your vibrational frequency rises!
  16. Our human (Earth transport) body is miraculous!  It can and will always return to perfect health if given the correct opportunity!
  17. People become unconsciously ADDICTED to patterns and behaviors of low vibrational frequency and wonder why does this always happen to me?
  18. When you start to raise your Vibrational Frequency you must learn how to let go of the “Victim Survivor” who helped you stay alive to this point in your life!
  19. “Intention” is everything in the world of energy!
  20. Energy Follows Thought!  Your thought/intention starts energy into motion.
  21. If you learned to ride a bike, drive a car, work a computer, change a tire, garden, bake bread from scratch, sew, travel through airports, do plumbing, do carpenter work, use a kiosk, chat with bots, or any other skill – You can learn how to raise your Vibrational Frequency for a better Life!

What are you waiting on???


…Kathy D. Carter