21 Signs You Need a VF Tune Up

21 No Nonsense Signs You Need a Vibrational Frequency Tune Up


1)      You have violent outbursts or you silently scream and yell at people, pets, plants or even the wall.  You slam doors of all kinds.

2)    You can’t make up your mind.  You have trouble making a decision.  You don’t know what you really want or like.  On the flip side your decisions overrule everyone else’s.

3)      You give people the silent treatment or seek revenge in other ways.

4)      You get hurt or upset if the gift of flowers, candy, clothes, or jewelry is wrong.  It is not what you like.

5)      You complain longer than 5 to 10 minutes seeing what is wrong with your day or situation.

6)     You sleep in late or nap excessively to avoid life.  You refuse or are scared to speak up about what is your truth, wants, likes, etc.  You let your partner rule your life and make lots of your decisions even when you want to do differently.

7)      You lack enthusiasm and playfulness in everyday life.

8)     You have addictions.  An addiction is anything in excess and something you cannot do without even for a short period of time.  Addictions range from zoning out with television, social media, excessive shopping, eating certain foods or ingredients like sugar (as addictive as meth or cocaine), too much sex, too much exercising, legal and illegal drugs, and alcohol.

9)      You procrastinate and put off doing things that you could do but you choose not to do.  You spend more time moving reminders from day to day than it would take to actually complete the task. Rule of thumb is to not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

10)  Your car and living space is dirty and disorganized and messy.  This is a reflection of who you are with your inner relationships.

11)  You dislike or hate something about your physical body.  It is usually something no one else notices or it is even not true.  Many people do not see themselves realistically.

12)  You never get a good haircut or good service.  There is always something wrong with what you receive.

13)  You always have to do it yourself because no one else does it as good as you do it.  Yet, you will complain that no one helps you.

14)  You dislike or hate surprises from friends and loved ones.  You just absolutely hate surprises because you feel you don’t have control.

15)  You keep secrets or lie to your partner and loved ones.

16)  You have to be right and have the last word.  Sometimes you are not aware that you do this so I suggest you meekly ask a partner or friend about this one.

17)  You have to control what other people do and think.  You may have to tell them how to load the dishwasher, how to throw away trash, how to do the laundry.  Then you wonder why you never get any help?  Do you like to be told every step of how to do something by someone else?

18)  You already have physical symptoms or illnesses showing up in your physical body.

19)  You never look good even when receiving compliments from more than one person.

20)  You accept abuse from others or you abuse others.  You don’t feel smart enough, good enough, successful, or worthy.  You feel less than others.  You are always wrong.

21)  You “really” want something you think you can’t have in life.  Key word here is you “really” want it.         




….Kathy D. Carter