7 Hidden Earth Life Treasures

The 7 Hidden Earth Treasures that are Right in Front of You!





Understanding of Energy

Vibrational Frequency






I.   Understanding and having knowledge of the 7 Hidden Earth Treasures unlocks a whole new life for you.  Emotions are the dashboard to our Earth vehicle which is the human body.  Not many tell you what a luxury vehicle you have.  As of April 18, 2022 the most expensive car ever sold is a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO that sold for $48.4 million in 2018 and let me say the Earth vehicle you have is worth way more than that Ferrari and will do a whole lot more!  You have to learn how to drive it and read the dashboard!  Unfortunately not many teach that on Earth. 


2.  Imagination is key for manifesting on Earth!  Without imagination you will remain in a cage that has the door wide open but, you won’t even be aware all you have to do is walk out.  You were born with imagination!  If you don’t think so, watch some undamaged children.  Why did you let your imagination die?


3.  The understanding of energy on Earth is crucial.  Just try and learn that EVERYTHING starts as energy first!  Even your human body was energy first.  That is your third step.


4.  EVERYTHING has a Vibrational Frequency!  That is your fourth step.  Anger is a very low vibrational frequency.  Unconditional love is a very high vibrational frequency.  All light, sound, smells, food, etc. have a vibrational frequency.  For example blue has a higher frequency than red. 


5.  Your fifth step is to accept the belief that you can have control of your thoughts!


6.  Your sixth step is to accept that (even though it may not seem like it) you ALWAYS have a choice.  Always!


7.  And lastly learn that INTENTION is everything.  Intention sets energy into motion.


…Kathy D. Carter