Really??? An Anger Room?

Try and think of our society as a person.  That person is feeling lots of anger, betrayal, pain, sadness, depression, fear, and many other emotions right now during Covid.  All of these emotions are rising to the surface for healing.  However, if each and every one of us stuffs those emotions away and we do not deal with them….they remain under the surface of society ready to explode again.  It is our duty as occupants on Mother Earth to take responsibility and heal ourselves and in doing so we heal society and Mother Earth!  We are the Phoenix Bird burning down right now.  A New World is going to be emerging!  Will you be in it?


How do we deal with these emotions you wonder?  This is something you are not taught most of the time. 

  • Well, first acknowledge they do exist.  Acknowledging them is a very important step. 
  • Second give yourself permission to FEEL these emotions.   
  •  Third you heal these emotions by doing some inner work and realizing where you have felt those emotions before and why. 
  •   Fourth after some healing work, you must RELEASE these stored emotions from your energy field.


Releasing stored emotions from your energy field takes a little practice to get used to.   However, once you understand the process you may quickly find it very rewarding!  Let’s first discuss what happens to your body if you don’t release stored emotions from your energy field.  Almost all illness develops in time from stored emotion in the energy field that has not been healed and released.  You may start blowing up and “projecting” your emotion onto loved ones.  An example of projecting emotion is rioters destroying property.  You will try unsuccessfully over time to control your anger.  You will create “drama” to “feed” your stored emotion.  Most importantly you will definitely create “diversion techniques” to keep your emotions stored and unfelt.


I strongly urge all my clients to set aside an “anger room” in their home for the entire family to learn to release emotion.  It can be a corner in the garage or a section of a spare room.  It is the safe spot to feel your emotions.  It is handy to have foam noodles, a wooden spoon and pan, ball bat, golf club, or rubber mallet to hit old boxes, a mattress, old furniture, or a punching bag in this area.  You might have a concrete wall where you throw old books against it.  You could scream in your car.  Some people find running, kickboxing, or an intense workout helpful in releasing stored emotion.  Find what works for you and PLEASE start releasing your stored emotion for yourself and the world at large.  You will start to find more energy, calmness, peace, less anxiety, less stress, less addictions, and less panic attacks in your life. 


Do your part in helping change the world for the better!  See for help and more information.