Valentine's Day & Single?


Like anything else we want to celebrate … it is whatever we want to make it.


However, if you look at recorded history (can we believe it?)…was it the martyr St. Valentinus who stood up to Rome emperor Claudius II for what he believed in and was imprisoned and later beheaded around A.D. 270?  The emperor had outlawed marriage because married men were not as good at being soldiers.  St. Valentinus continued to do secret marriages for young people in love.  (Remember a martyr is one who makes great sacrifices or suffers in order to further a belief, cause, or principal they believe in.)


Did it evolve from the Pegan’s Lupercalia celebration in mid-February?  Lots of people like to criticize Pegan celebrations without having lived in their day and time.  Not unlike us doing some healing and looking back on things we did and beating our self up for that decision.


Did Valentine’s Day evolve from Medieval English poet Geoffrey Chaucer when he wrote “Parliament of Foules”   …“For this was on seynt Volantynys day. Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.”   …(referring to bird’s mating)?


Maybe Valentine’s Day continued to evolve and with the Industrialization it stuck because of MARKETING They mass produced cards with love poetry and the simultaneous money maker of the chocolate manufacturers followed suit…making those without a partner feel more alone.


In this lifetime…I like Valentine’s Day!  I love decorating with the hearts and cupid’s arrow and all things that refer to LOVE!  Being single I buy my own flowers and do whatever I want to do for Valentine’s Day.  I would like to suggest to all of you who have or don’t have partners that you do the same!


Get yourself a card, flowers, candy, sexy nightie, massage, or gift that you want.  Write a love poem to yourself.  This is a great way to start loving yourself more!

Until we all learn how to truly love our self and quit the negative self talk we cannot fully and completely love someone else.  You must be able to give it to yourself before you can give it to another.  If you are not your own best partner then you are probably not really ready for a partner in your life!


ØWant to try a Valentine’s Day Resolution?  It only takes 15 SECONDS every morning when you wake and look at yourself in the mirror…

ØSmile at yourself.

ØPretend you are in front of a million judges for the Universal Actor/Actress Award.

ØLook yourself in the eye.

ØReally look into your soul through your eyes-stay present in the moment.

ØSay the words “I LOVE YOU!” with more emotion than you think you have. 

ØYou must convince the judges by making them feel the energy of love move through their bodies as it moves through yours.  (This is my spinoff of Louise Hay’s I love myself affirmation…I always try and give credit where due.) 


This one exercise, IF CONSISTENTLY CONTINUED, will change your life!  Come on, it’s only 15 seconds every morning and you always look in the mirror!  LOVE is what this world needs daily!!!  Start with yourself!