How can I help the World?

Often we wonder how can I make a difference.  I'm just one person!  We would like to show you how you can help change the world!


Have you heard of the violent crime rate drop of 23.3% in Washington, D.C. in June and July 1993 due to a meditating group (TM-Sidhas) creating coherence?  Click here for more information. They did another study during 2007 and 2010 showing similar results.  If a group of advanced meditators can do this, think what would happen if each of you joined in.  It is not hard to learn to meditate and most of you are already doing it without being aware that you are.  Have you ever lost track of time?  Have you ever daydreamed?  These are just examples of meditation.  Yes, TM-Sidhas are very advanced and practiced but they had to start somewhere.  If it's a chance for great change to your world for the better, isn't it worth a try?  And for your money related society - It's FREE!!!


Not only can a group meditating lower the crime rate you can also learn to help support your body in healing by breathing with focus.  "Coherence" is becoming the buzz word.  Check out for more information.  The HeartMath Institute is doing lots of research into heart and brain coherence and it's affect on your health and well-being.  They even sell a device that helps you "learn" to stay in "coherence".  It has helped people with PTSD, anxiety and all kinds of health related issues.  It teaches you a simple breathing technique that when practiced over time has amazing results for being healthier.  It helps give you control and tools to use when panic hits.


Now we have given you two ways you can help change the world by breathing with focus and meditating.  You can change your health and the health of the Earth by CHOOSING to breath with focus while maintaining high-frequency emotions.  Are you interested?  Are you going to give it a try?  Is it too easy for you to believe it will work?  We hope on this Valentine's Day of 2023 you will decide to make it a practice going forward and send LOVE to yourself and the World!  Why not make Earth a happier and healthier place to live!  You can make a difference!  Now just do it!