Client's Work

 Many of my clients discover their voice and gifts. 

It is nice to have a platform to be recognized on. 

That is what this page represents.

What does it mean to me to be "taken care of"

"What it is to be taken care of?  What does it mean? Is it financial? Is it emotional? Is it physical? Is it support? I am perplexed by the complexity of the question and simultaneously been incredulous and desired to be cared for. Being resilient, strong, defiant and rebellious can make things more interesting.


I used to think being cared for meant someone paying for your bills, so I set forth to be financially stable and secure.  I was sure it meant to be physically protected so I set out to be strong and fit, that was not it either.  I thought for sure it was to be emotionally supported and loved so I set forth to learn to connect with others, love myself and be of service in kinship, and no that was not it either.


It was not until I learned that being taken care of for me was a feeling and a peace of mind. Knowing that what I’m doing, and feeling is true and being done towards building something both parties desire.  It meant that things were not hidden or lurking in the corners of our relationship. Knowing that what needs to be addressed is being dealt with head-on. The constant growth of each individual as we unfold into fulfilling each our unique purpose. It had nothing to do with money or physical strength but rather a commitment to taking care of me by taking care of you." 

.....Perla Garza