Navigate the Healing Path with the 7 Part 'Heal Me' Course

This Course is on How to Move from being a

 Victim/Survivor in Your Life -

to Healing Your Life -

to Ultimately Becoming a Creator of Your Life!


This 7-part course from Kathy D. Carter helps people navigate their healing path.  At the beginning of the course, Kathy gives a new view about living life on earth by explaining your body’s dashboard and how to process triggered emotions. 


As the course continues, Kathy teaches how stored emotions in the energy field potentially lead to health issues.  Stored emotions consume much of our life energy force in order to remain stored and many people do not understand this.  Kathy provides guidance for feeling, healing, and releasing these trapped emotions from the energy field.  


Additionally, Kathy brings to light an awareness of how we repeat patterns of behavior that keep our emotions stored and how we learn to store emotions instead of letting them flow healthfully.  She takes us from understanding victim/survivor mode to becoming the creator of your life by learning how to take back your power. 


In the last video, Kathy explains how most of us say we love ourselves but, in reality, we actually do not.  Kathy teaches how to turn that around and we learn to give ourselves unconditional love on a much deeper level.  We hope this series of channeled videos helps you heal with more understanding and ease. 


We want you enjoying life instead of just surviving it!


This "Heal Me" Course includes:  


"Heal Me" Class 1:  How to Live on Earth  Kathy provides an introduction to the "Heal Me" series. Topics include: duality of Earth, eternal energy soul, human body vehicle, collective beliefs, and emotions.

"Heal Me" Class 2:  Guidance System of Emotions  Kathy D. Carter discusses various topics including: stored emotions, damage, "feel it, heal it, release it", belief systems, and an example of how stored anger escalates over time.

"Heal Me" Class 3:  Living with Stored Baggage  Kathy D. Carter describes stored emotions and the impact they have on your life.  Topics include: consequences of carrying too much stored emotions/damage, addictions, feeling negative emotions, diversion techniques to prevent feeling emotions, and energy fields.


"Heal Me" Class 4:  Healing the Damage  Kathy D. Carter talks about healing stored emotions. Topics include: taking responsibility for your life, fear of change, taking action, victim survivors, becoming the creator of your life, accepting emotions, healing anger, and releasing emotions

"Heal Me" Class 5:  Further Down the Healing Path  You’ve started healing the damage...Now, take your healing to the next level. Topics include: next steps to healing, knowing all sides of yourself, being the creator of your life, ways to release emotions.

"Heal Me" Class 6:  Living in Your Power  In this video, Kathy D. Carter discusses being in your own power. Topics Include: getting your power back, process of healing, gifts, saying "no", and self love.

"Heal Me" Class 7:  Self Love  The final video of the "Heal Me" series is about self love. Topics include: the healing path, ways to love and respect yourself, excitement of life, emotions, and role models.


Begin your Healing Journey today!





Look at the difference taking care
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By the end of this course you'll understand HEALING YOUR ENERGY FIELD by removing stored emotions helps you become the CREATOR of your life!