What is Love?

What is your definition of love?  Everyone has somewhat of a different definition.  We think that Love is meant to be shared without expectation, control, judgment or resistance.  However, we seldom find it shared that way!


When you give someone a gift do you have an expectation of them being appreciative, saying thank you, or giving you a gift in return?  Our society teaches us as soon as we are able to understand words to say thank you and return the favor.  Genuine Unconditional Love does not require that.  If you respond in Unconditional Love it comes from the heart and you WANT to do it for no other reason.  Watch the next time someone gives you a gift.

  • Do you keep items you do not like because they were a gift? 
  • Does this item disturb your living space? 
  • Why do you keep it??? 
  • Do you keep it out of obligation and conditioning? 
  • Do you keep it out of fear of repercussion if the giver doesn’t see it when they come to your place? 
  • Who or what are you giving your power to?

 Your living space is yours!  If you are holding your Personal Power you will decorate and define your space the way it makes YOU feel good every time you walk into it.  Your space should always be refreshing and uplifting.  If it is not, maybe it’s time for a Spring Cleaning.


Manifest more Love in your life by starting to see what is right everyday!  Also ask yourself the question – Does this choice feel good or not when you have a decision to make.  (LOL….We are not referring to spontaneous instant gratification in the candy bar!)   Another way of phrasing the question is to ask – Does this choice serve my Higher Good or not?


Giving, sharing, and receiving Love everyday is the way to manifest more Love in your life!  Set out each day with the intent of sharing Love!  See what is right with every situation and watch your life turn into more Unconditional LOVE!  You just need to retrain your brain by refusing to follow the old repeating pattern.  When the old pattern occurs, say oh there you are again.  Now let’s rephrase and create a new pattern to replace you.


Here are some helpful affirmations to help you retrain yourself.  Say these over and over out loud with emotion!  If you really want to hurry the process along, speak the affirmations out loud as you write them 100 times every day for at least 28 days!


I am a Being of Light

Seeing all that is Right!


I am a Being of Light

Seeking all that is Right!


I am a Love Being of Light

Always seeking what is Right!


I am a Love Light Being

Positive is all I am seeing!


I am a Bubble of Light

Taking in what is Right!



One other exercise that will help this new pattern replace your old one; is to make a gratitude list of 5 new things each and every day!  This will help you start looking for things to be grateful and happy for instead of complaining about everything that is wrong!  It’s easy for us to see what is wrong…we were trained to do it!  Isn’t it time to untrain our self???