"Need" and Manifesting


Need….Want….Waste….Excess   Are these words and their definitions playing a huge hidden role in your ability to manifest?  We’ll bet they are on some level unless you are already manifesting things regularly and with little difficulty.  Is it easy for you to manifest some things but you are having difficulty manifesting other things in your life?  Abraham says a button is as easy to manifest as a castle.  Do you believe that?


Let’s take the word “need” first.  Are the following phrases familiar to you?  “Don’t take more than you need!”  “You can only have what you need.”  “Take only what you need and leave some for others.”  “You don’t need that much!”  “I don’t need much.”  “If you don’t need it you can’t have it.”  “You are being wasteful.”  “Look, you have just wasted all of that!”  “Excess is wasteful!”  We’ll bet you can add some phrases of your own to these.  Now let’s look at your definition of “need”.


“Need” means many different things to different people.  (Don’t forget we all “justify” our desires.)  Do you have a need for basic survival?  Do you need shelter, warmth, food, clothing, or clean water?  Do you need dental, mental, or medical care?  Do you need a vehicle?  Do you need to replace broken down items or do some upkeep?  Do you need a way to make money?  Do you need more fun and travel in your life?  Do you need a vacation?  Do you need furniture?  Do you need supplies?  Do you need money for a hobby or maybe new business?  Do you need socializing?  Do you need further education?  Do you need some new technology?  Do you need to update and add to your wardrobe?  Do you need a lavish party? Do you need to move and start up somewhere else?  Do you need a boat, yacht, vacation home, second home, sports car, or just more money?  Do you need a housekeeper, a personal chef, a driver, or a gardener?   We say this is easy to manifest if you work on healing your unconscious belief systems which tie into your stored unhealed emotional baggage.


We want you to understand that you are on the leading edge of evolution.  All is expanding….forever.  There is abundance always.  Those souls experiencing what you see/judge/label as “lack” are living a soul’s purpose for that experience!  We all come to Earth for learning and experience.  Unless it is your soul’s purpose to develop new ways of living for those in “lack”, it is not your business.  Oh we know that stirred up a lot of emotion and opinions and that is good!  Any time you get a strong emotion… it is a golden opportunity for healing some of your own stored emotion!


We want to keep this short so we will not go into “want, waste, and excess” right now.  It is enough to open your mind for thought with what we have already put forth.  But in case you want some more here are a couple of thoughts.  Has the extra food you didn’t want but you ate to clean your plate EVER helped any starving human anywhere?  What did the extra food you ate above what your body wanted do to YOUR OWN BODY and health?  Here is one last one.  Has the excess squeeze of toothpaste by a young child learning muscle control EVER really deprived ANYONE?  If not, why were so many of them yelled at and shamed for wasting the toothpaste?



Maybe “unconsciously” you do NOT BELIEVE you “NEED” whatever it is you want to manifest???