Are you Addicted to PFT & SOA?

Being at home during this pandemic gives you a clearer understanding of yourself and your motivations if you look for it.  Do you want certain hair services, nail services, products and body treatments because you want them for yourself or do you want them because you believe they will help you impress others?   Do you wear certain uncomfortable clothes to impress others or because you enjoy wearing them for yourself?  Do you enjoy the long commute for the impressive job title and money, or because the work you do lights you up?  If you are at home or not, this is the time to give thought to ways you spend your time and energy!


Are you one of the people addicted to PFT?  PFT is “Past Future Thinking”.  Thinking in the past is not being in the present moment.  The present moment is all we really have.  The past is gone.  Let it go.  Only think about the past to learn, heal and grow from it and then let it go!  I have so many clients that stay stuck in the past because it didn’t go the way they wanted.  I have others that instead of making new memories spend their life living their past memories over and over.  Other clients are attached to the physical bodies/presence of past loved ones and will not release that soul’s energy so it can move on.  Did you know that a lot of the time the reason people hang on and suffer for so long before passing is because of family/friends that are “attached” to them and will not let them go and give them permission to move on?


Maybe you are one of the people addicted to SOA.  SOA is “Seeking Other’s Approval”.  Are you nicer to strangers and people at work than you are at home to your own loved ones?  Do you go out of your way to “try to make others happy”?  You CANNOT make someone happy or sad---that is controlled by the person not you!  You are responsible for your own happiness!  No one can MAKE you unhappy!!!  Happiness is a CHOICE!  Do you do more work than your share so people will like you and praise you?  If so, that is being addicted to SOA.  Do you give up your breaks and lunch hours for someone else so you are looked upon as dedicated and hard working?  Self-sacrifice in this manner will never pay off in a healthy way.



When your self-love is overflowing, you have love to give to others.  Right now at this moment in history is your chance to turn your life around.  Give love without attachment and expectation.  In other words, just because I did this wonderful thing for you does not mean you owe me now.  Give unconditionally!  Allow yourself to give love without expecting anything in return.  Act from your heart!  Release your additions to PFT and SOA.  It is necessary to feel, heal and release stored emotion in your energy field to be set free of PFT and SOA addition.  Live your life in the present moment.  Give everyone your undivided attention all the time…especially your children!  For more information visit 

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