What is Your Inner Moral Code?

In my work with clients I refer to “your inner moral code” many times.  Today a new client asked me what is your inner moral code.  Your inner moral code is your very own unique guidelines that you live by.


Your inner moral code is specific to you and defined ONLY BY YOU…not anyone else.  You might believe it is okay to steal food because you are starving and another person’s inner moral code would not be okay with stealing food.  You determine what your inner moral code says.


The one thing you must also realize is that your inner moral code “evolves” as you evolve and raise your vibrational frequency.  At a lower vibrational frequency your inner moral code might say it’s good to yell and defend yourself.  At a higher vibrational frequency acquired after some healing of the “victim/survivor”, you might say I’m not okay with yelling at people anymore nor do I always find it necessary to be right.  You may still feel very strongly about defending yourself in certain situations.  At an even higher vibrational frequency you may decide you do not need to defend yourself anymore.


At a lower vibrational frequency you may believe you should tell your partner what is wrong with them and how the things they say and do make you so unhappy.  At a higher vibrational frequency you may believe it is not in your inner moral code to judge someone else.  Nor do you any longer believe someone can make you unhappy!


What I teach is that your “inner moral code” is very specific to you and your beliefs.  When you BETRAY your own inner moral code you are selling yourself out.  You are living against your own beliefs.  Many of you do this every day by working at a job you hate, staying in an unhealthy relationship, and denying what your heart and soul really craves.  You surrender your very own desires and dreams rationalizing that they are invalid or unworthy.  YOU SELL YOURSELF OUT!


When you are “selling yourself out” your world will “mirror” that action back to you.  So people in your life may be selling you out.  When you find people are lying to you or selling you out, stop and ask yourself where am I selling myself out?  Where am I lying to myself?  If you do the work, you will find the answer.  Once you correct the way you are selling yourself out, the people in your life that are selling you out start to disappear. 


One last point I want to state for the Warriors out there.  Warriors are role models above all else!  Are you role modeling for your children, family, friends, and strangers how to live true to their Inner Moral Code??? 


Remember… the story you tell is the life you live!  Is it time to rewrite your story???