I'm so excited to announce


the new cutting edge technology


I have added to my practice!

New Advanced Technology

Step into a new realm of healing and transformation, the groundbreaking technology that utilizes holographic scanning to access your unique vibrational frequencies. I offer a unique approach that empowers clients to facilitate their own healing journey using this remarkable software.

We don’t diagnose, treat, or cure. Instead, NuVision harnesses the power of vibrational frequencies present in everything in the universe, including plants, minerals, sound, color, and people. By scanning the hologram of an individual over distance, we can access their specific divine design and create a database of frequencies for targeted improvement.

This revolutionary technology allows us to send fine-tuned frequencies into your human energy field, opening doors to profound possibilities. Although it may be challenging to comprehend, it is a tangible reality. Through this innovative approach, we align your energy field, promoting self-healing and optimal well-being.

I firmly believe that everything is energy first, and when we support the human body, it naturally maintains perfect health and possesses the ability to heal any ailment. By caring for your energy field, you create a powerful ripple effect, just like the art of manifestation—feeling the emotions of having it until it materializes.

Discover this transformative potential and experience the restoration of order within your being. Allow yourself to embrace this incredible reality of energy healing. Together, we can unlock your body's innate wisdom and restore balance, vitality, and harmony.

Let me guide you toward a life of vibrant well-being and self-empowerment! 

To explore the possibilities and embark on your healing journey, contact me today to schedule your Zoom session. Watch for my on-line calendar coming soon! 


We can reconnect

the best herbs and

essential oils for you

to your energy field!


We can reconnect

personalized affirmations

and manifestations

to your energy field!


We can determine the most

beneficial crystals 

 for you and reconnect them

to your energy field!

The possibilities are endless as to what we can do with this new technology!  


Come try it out today and let's start your transformation!