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What is Your Inner Moral Code?

In my work with clients I refer to “your inner moral code” many times.  Today a new client asked me what is your inner moral code.  Your inner moral code is your very own unique guidelines that you live by.


Your inner moral code is specific to you and defined ONLY BY YOU…not anyone else.  You might believe it is okay to steal food because you are starving and another person’s inner moral code would not be okay with stealing food.  You determine what your inner moral code says.


The one thing you must also realize is that your inner moral code “evolves” as you evolve and raise your vibrational frequency.  At a lower vibrational frequency your inner moral code might say it’s good to yell and defend yourself.  At a higher vibrational frequency acquired after some healing of the “victim/survivor”, you might say I’m not okay with yelling at people anymore nor do I always find it necessary to be right.  You may still feel very strongly about defending yourself in certain situations.  At an even higher vibrational frequency you may decide you do not need to defend yourself anymore.


At a lower vibrational frequency you may believe you should tell your partner what is wrong with them and how the things they say and do make you so unhappy.  At a higher vibrational frequency you may believe it is not in your inner moral code to judge someone else.  Nor do you any longer believe someone can make you unhappy!


What I teach is that your “inner moral code” is very specific to you and your beliefs.  When you BETRAY your own inner moral code you are selling yourself out.  You are living against your own beliefs.  Many of you do this every day by working at a job you hate, staying in an unhealthy relationship, and denying what your heart and soul really craves.  You surrender your very own desires and dreams rationalizing that they are invalid or unworthy.  YOU SELL YOURSELF OUT!


When you are “selling yourself out” your world will “mirror” that action back to you.  So people in your life may be selling you out.  When you find people are lying to you or selling you out, stop and ask yourself where am I selling myself out?  Where am I lying to myself?  If you do the work, you will find the answer.  Once you correct the way you are selling yourself out, the people in your life that are selling you out start to disappear. 


One last point I want to state for the Warriors out there.  Warriors are role models above all else!  Are you role modeling for your children, family, friends, and strangers how to live true to their Inner Moral Code??? 


Remember… the story you tell is the life you live!  Is it time to rewrite your story???



Addicted to the POWER of Stored Emotion???

Here is a partial list of symptoms for being addicted to “stored emotion power”:


Ø  Outbursts of anger to control others

Ø  Yelling and screaming to control others

Ø  Physically abusing to control others

Ø  Crying to control others

Ø  Getting sick to control others

Ø  Lying to control others

Ø  Creating and participating in drama to control others

Ø  Giving pumped up praise to control others

Ø  Using “your techniques” to manipulate and control others

Ø  Using the “silent treatment” to control others

Ø  Being a bully to control others

Ø  Being naïve and shy to control others

Ø  Gossiping to get your way and control others

Ø  Playing dumb to control others

Ø  Always needing to defend yourself to control others

Ø  Having the need to always be right and prove it

Ø  Getting “your way” by controlling others

Ø  Dramatizing and exaggerating to control others


If you use any of these techniques in your life either consciously or unconsciously you are probably addicted to the power your stored emotion gives you.  You actually get a thrill, high, or payoff for your behavior.  Your inner children (yes, I teach you have many inner children) will remain in control of your behaviors until you heal them.  They stay “alive” in their traumas (stored emotion) until you heal them!


As a child we are all “Victim/Survivors” and we learn to adapt to our environment.  Most all of us endure traumas and some so intense our human transport system i.e. our human body “knows” to “store” the event away until the body and soul have matured to a level to be able to understand, comprehend, and “heal” the event.  Our problem is that this society does not teach people how to do it!  We remain victim/survivors our whole life.


Have you ever seen grown adults start acting or talking like little children?  This is the wounded inner child being triggered and the adult is mostly unconscious of it happening…but everyone else notices!  Just watch everyone in the news including news casters.  Stored emotion is able to “take control” of what you think, say, and do when it is triggered!  Drama is its food!  Do you ever regret, feel bad, or apologize for your behavior?  After a fight do you even remember what you said or did?  If not, you are probably suffering from the control of stored emotion.


People with stored emotion are easily controlled and manipulated by anyone.  All someone must do is trigger their fears, anger, and other emotions to get them to do whatever they want them to do.  They absolutely will not think on their own.  They will believe anything anyone tells them because they want to avoid “feeling”.   Please don’t be a follower!  Heal your stored emotion and take control as a “Creator” of your life instead of staying a “Victim” for your entire life!  Help is available…. It’s your choice!

Kathy D. Carter                 



You are NOT your body!

You Are NOT Your Body


              …Channeled by Kathy D. Carter


You are not your human bodies.  You are eternal energy souls.  You are a speck of energy in this vast energy universe.  Think of yourself as a speck of fairy dust or a sparkling distant star.  That is the essence of your eternal soul and gives your human analytical left brain a visual.


If you could only grasp this concept fully you would not be afraid of transitioning from your human transport bodies.  It would change your whole perspective on many things.  If you were not afraid of dying would your western medicine corporations be able to control you like they do?  Where else do you give 100% trust to a stranger about your life?  Do you get copies of your lab results and research all possibilities before being “told” what to do next or what medication you must take? 


Also are you aware that even the large internet search engines “control and censor” the search results you get?  Are you ushered by someone else who has “urgency” to get you to the next doctor for the next diagnosis and procedures or medications?  Are you aware there are other possibilities?


Have you ever made the decision about the care of your human transport body or have you given your choice over to someone else?  Someone else who you probably won’t see again or not see many more times in your life.  We are just asking that you take back your power and not place it in the hands of a stranger or others.  They may be driven unconsciously by training of a corporation with the motivation of money or not from true genuine concern for your health and what is best for you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually at this moment in time.


There are many ways you may give up your power.  Think about this.  In school were you allowed to express what you “wanted” to learn?  Did your parents fully support you in whatever decision you made for your soul or did they “influence” all your decisions?  Did your parents let you voice your wants, desires, and decisions and then support you fully, no matter what?  We are not saying children don’t need guidance, love, and protection, but we are saying they need to be “heard” and understood.  They matter!  They have their own soul’s contract to live out here on earth. It’s the parent’s responsibility to help them do just that.


Now let us give you one last point to ponder.  Many of you have metaphysical gifts you have suppressed, are trying to ignore, say you don’t want, or otherwise try to bury or stay unconscious of.   Let us say that is where many of you lose yourself.  Fighting your true essence and your eternal soul is the first betrayal of your personal power. 


You have so many children who are empaths for example, but your families and society don’t understand them.  They end up using their gifts to their disadvantage by “pleasing” everyone else to “keep the peace” instead of being taught how to use their gifts to their advantage.  Many people are on psychotic drugs, antidepressants, and many other prescriptions just because people’s gifts are not understood and accepted in your society.  Isn’t it time for this to change?  Do not let the illusion of death sway you.  You are eternal.  The change starts with each of you!                                                                           




Really??? An Anger Room?

Try and think of our society as a person.  That person is feeling lots of anger, betrayal, pain, sadness, depression, fear, and many other emotions right now during Covid.  All of these emotions are rising to the surface for healing.  However, if each and every one of us stuffs those emotions away and we do not deal with them….they remain under the surface of society ready to explode again.  It is our duty as occupants on Mother Earth to take responsibility and heal ourselves and in doing so we heal society and Mother Earth!  We are the Phoenix Bird burning down right now.  A New World is going to be emerging!  Will you be in it?


How do we deal with these emotions you wonder?  This is something you are not taught most of the time. 

  • Well, first acknowledge they do exist.  Acknowledging them is a very important step. 
  • Second give yourself permission to FEEL these emotions.   
  •  Third you heal these emotions by doing some inner work and realizing where you have felt those emotions before and why. 
  •   Fourth after some healing work, you must RELEASE these stored emotions from your energy field.


Releasing stored emotions from your energy field takes a little practice to get used to.   However, once you understand the process you may quickly find it very rewarding!  Let’s first discuss what happens to your body if you don’t release stored emotions from your energy field.  Almost all illness develops in time from stored emotion in the energy field that has not been healed and released.  You may start blowing up and “projecting” your emotion onto loved ones.  An example of projecting emotion is rioters destroying property.  You will try unsuccessfully over time to control your anger.  You will create “drama” to “feed” your stored emotion.  Most importantly you will definitely create “diversion techniques” to keep your emotions stored and unfelt.


I strongly urge all my clients to set aside an “anger room” in their home for the entire family to learn to release emotion.  It can be a corner in the garage or a section of a spare room.  It is the safe spot to feel your emotions.  It is handy to have foam noodles, a wooden spoon and pan, ball bat, golf club, or rubber mallet to hit old boxes, a mattress, old furniture, or a punching bag in this area.  You might have a concrete wall where you throw old books against it.  You could scream in your car.  Some people find running, kickboxing, or an intense workout helpful in releasing stored emotion.  Find what works for you and PLEASE start releasing your stored emotion for yourself and the world at large.  You will start to find more energy, calmness, peace, less anxiety, less stress, less addictions, and less panic attacks in your life. 


Do your part in helping change the world for the better!  See for help and more information.


Are you Addicted to PFT & SOA?

Being at home during this pandemic gives you a clearer understanding of yourself and your motivations if you look for it.  Do you want certain hair services, nail services, products and body treatments because you want them for yourself or do you want them because you believe they will help you impress others?   Do you wear certain uncomfortable clothes to impress others or because you enjoy wearing them for yourself?  Do you enjoy the long commute for the impressive job title and money, or because the work you do lights you up?  If you are at home or not, this is the time to give thought to ways you spend your time and energy!


Are you one of the people addicted to PFT?  PFT is “Past Future Thinking”.  Thinking in the past is not being in the present moment.  The present moment is all we really have.  The past is gone.  Let it go.  Only think about the past to learn, heal and grow from it and then let it go!  I have so many clients that stay stuck in the past because it didn’t go the way they wanted.  I have others that instead of making new memories spend their life living their past memories over and over.  Other clients are attached to the physical bodies/presence of past loved ones and will not release that soul’s energy so it can move on.  Did you know that a lot of the time the reason people hang on and suffer for so long before passing is because of family/friends that are “attached” to them and will not let them go and give them permission to move on?


Maybe you are one of the people addicted to SOA.  SOA is “Seeking Other’s Approval”.  Are you nicer to strangers and people at work than you are at home to your own loved ones?  Do you go out of your way to “try to make others happy”?  You CANNOT make someone happy or sad---that is controlled by the person not you!  You are responsible for your own happiness!  No one can MAKE you unhappy!!!  Happiness is a CHOICE!  Do you do more work than your share so people will like you and praise you?  If so, that is being addicted to SOA.  Do you give up your breaks and lunch hours for someone else so you are looked upon as dedicated and hard working?  Self-sacrifice in this manner will never pay off in a healthy way.



When your self-love is overflowing, you have love to give to others.  Right now at this moment in history is your chance to turn your life around.  Give love without attachment and expectation.  In other words, just because I did this wonderful thing for you does not mean you owe me now.  Give unconditionally!  Allow yourself to give love without expecting anything in return.  Act from your heart!  Release your additions to PFT and SOA.  It is necessary to feel, heal and release stored emotion in your energy field to be set free of PFT and SOA addition.  Live your life in the present moment.  Give everyone your undivided attention all the time…especially your children!  For more information visit 



Holding your Personal Power almost equals finding your Soul's Purpose!  When you are holding your Personal Power you are unconditionally loving yourself, your Light is Shining, you are a Role Model for others, and you carry a very healthy strong energy field!!!  Do you speak your Truth and say No when you want to?  Please listen to my six minute video about this.

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"Need" and Manifesting


Need….Want….Waste….Excess   Are these words and their definitions playing a huge hidden role in your ability to manifest?  We’ll bet they are on some level unless you are already manifesting things regularly and with little difficulty.  Is it easy for you to manifest some things but you are having difficulty manifesting other things in your life?  Abraham says a button is as easy to manifest as a castle.  Do you believe that?


Let’s take the word “need” first.  Are the following phrases familiar to you?  “Don’t take more than you need!”  “You can only have what you need.”  “Take only what you need and leave some for others.”  “You don’t need that much!”  “I don’t need much.”  “If you don’t need it you can’t have it.”  “You are being wasteful.”  “Look, you have just wasted all of that!”  “Excess is wasteful!”  We’ll bet you can add some phrases of your own to these.  Now let’s look at your definition of “need”.


“Need” means many different things to different people.  (Don’t forget we all “justify” our desires.)  Do you have a need for basic survival?  Do you need shelter, warmth, food, clothing, or clean water?  Do you need dental, mental, or medical care?  Do you need a vehicle?  Do you need to replace broken down items or do some upkeep?  Do you need a way to make money?  Do you need more fun and travel in your life?  Do you need a vacation?  Do you need furniture?  Do you need supplies?  Do you need money for a hobby or maybe new business?  Do you need socializing?  Do you need further education?  Do you need some new technology?  Do you need to update and add to your wardrobe?  Do you need a lavish party? Do you need to move and start up somewhere else?  Do you need a boat, yacht, vacation home, second home, sports car, or just more money?  Do you need a housekeeper, a personal chef, a driver, or a gardener?   We say this is easy to manifest if you work on healing your unconscious belief systems which tie into your stored unhealed emotional baggage.


We want you to understand that you are on the leading edge of evolution.  All is expanding….forever.  There is abundance always.  Those souls experiencing what you see/judge/label as “lack” are living a soul’s purpose for that experience!  We all come to Earth for learning and experience.  Unless it is your soul’s purpose to develop new ways of living for those in “lack”, it is not your business.  Oh we know that stirred up a lot of emotion and opinions and that is good!  Any time you get a strong emotion… it is a golden opportunity for healing some of your own stored emotion!


We want to keep this short so we will not go into “want, waste, and excess” right now.  It is enough to open your mind for thought with what we have already put forth.  But in case you want some more here are a couple of thoughts.  Has the extra food you didn’t want but you ate to clean your plate EVER helped any starving human anywhere?  What did the extra food you ate above what your body wanted do to YOUR OWN BODY and health?  Here is one last one.  Has the excess squeeze of toothpaste by a young child learning muscle control EVER really deprived ANYONE?  If not, why were so many of them yelled at and shamed for wasting the toothpaste?



Maybe “unconsciously” you do NOT BELIEVE you “NEED” whatever it is you want to manifest???

Emotions are Not Meant to be Your Life Prison

Are You Locked Up in a Low Frequency Emotion Prison?


Let me say as a healer I hear, “I’ve done my work on that.” a lot!  Clients have usually worked and cried MANY hours in groups and/or with professional people thinking they have healed their issues. However, until it is cleared from the energy field of the person it is not complete. 


Usually when I hear I’ve done my work on that, it is an unconscious diversion technique and “resistance” to feeling emotion. All the clients I have encountered still have work to do.  It never ends!  As we go down the path, the path just gets longer. 

It is necessary to understand that concept so we can continue living and healing. 


Yes, you do reach a point in your healing work where you get to relax and enjoy life a whole lot more than when you first start your spiritual healing path!  However, you must energetically reach that point and not put up a MASK pretending you have reached it because mentally you feel you should be done with that by now. 


There is a stage of healing work you reach that is very scary and hard.  I call it a trip on your dark side.  Some call it doing your shadow work.  A lot of people pull out of doing the rest of the real hard work of healing at this point.  That is okay because we have free will and it is a choice!  Some choose to keep healing and moving to higher frequencies.  They must be willing to be vulnerable, face their fears, learn how to feel even deeper, accept who they are, and learn what forgiveness really means.


The stories we tell are the lives we live.  Be very careful of the stories you tell about yourself and your life.  Maybe you need to go back and rewrite some of your stories!  Are you telling the story that you have done the work when in fact you have put on  another mask and are presenting yet another façade of I’m good?  It’s easier to pretend to be healed than to admit you are still seeking approval, attention, and acceptance from others.  Or that inside you are still on the roller coaster and still have that unfulfilled “nurturing void”.  Or you still have the voices in your head that abuse you, criticize you, judge you, ridicule you, and find everything and more that is wrong with you …whether it is truth or not!


We must rid the collective consciousness of the unconscious belief that “suffering” makes us needed, worthy, righteous, and doing the right thing!  Suffering is not a necessary part of life.  Suffering is a very low frequency emotion that is very addictive!  Are you addicted to suffering and staying in lower frequencies all the time?  Are you continuing to play small? Emotions are key to life on Earth.  We must learn to “Feel them, Heal them, and Release them”….from my book “Red Wine & Cigarettes”.  Emotions are not meant to be our prison for life.  It is easier to stay a Victim than it is to become the Creator of your life.


As a Creator of your life you learn to let go more, feel more, forgive more, love more, stay in gratitude, always see what is right, and take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your choices and your thoughts!  You accept deeper and deeper levels of letting go of resisting, controlling, judging, and expecting.  Life on Earth is meant to be fulfilling, loving, stimulating, and exciting!  Not a prison of low frequency emotions like hate, greed, suffering, and sadness!  What choice are you making today? 



How Will You Be Remembered???

Who are you choosing to be?  First let’s describe aspects of the Dark & Gloom Person.  They are people that are choosing to be a victim of other people’s actions.  They have developed a pattern of believing they have little control over their actions, over how they feel, and over how they observe situations.  This is false!  This is the Victim Mentality. 

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Face Our Fears!

Ours fears can really put us in a frozen state for all our life if we allow our mind/thoughts to continue to control us.  Are you ready to walk through your fear???  Are you afraid to ride an elevator, fly in a plane, try something new, do something different, drive in a new city, talk to a stranger, trust someone, walk in the dark, love someone, leave someone, be vulnerable, walk alone, speak your truth, eat alone, try a new food, touch a snake, hug a stranger, or just change your life???


Isn’t it time to take control of your life and quit letting your brain/computer have the guidance of your life?  We are meant to use our thoughts/brain as our computer and we are supposed to be the ones program it, but it doesn’t usually go that way.  In this society, we are trained to let EVERYONE ELSE program our computer!  More chances than not you probably had an event that may not even be conscious to you that “set” your fear in you!!!  If you could witness that event as though it belonged to someone else you could see right through it and dissolve it! 


A back-door approach I would like to explain to you today is a simple exercise that you control the difficulty level as you are ready to face new challenges.  I beg you to keep increasing the challenge level.  The month of August 2017 is a monumental month for leaving our old patterns/issues behind us and walking into the life we’ve always dreamed of.  Think about finally waking up each morning happy and full of desire for the day that lays before you!  Would feeling eager to live each day with anticipation of what great is going to happen today be a welcome change for you?


I challenge you to do one thing different each and every day!  If you always do something the same old way, change it!  If you drive to and from work the same old way, take one day and drive a different route.  If you always drink tea with lunch try a new herbal tea or water.  If you always take the elevator then take the stairs.  If you eat the same foods everyday then eat new foods.  If you always buy white underwear then buy a different style in a bold color.  If you always eat in front of the tv then sit at the table with candlelight and soft music in the background.  Break up old routines and old repeating habits of behavior and replace them with something new and different!



Change is one of the biggest things people fear the most in life!  Lack of change is what helps keep people close minded and fearful!  I dare you to get use to change by doing something completely different and out of your routine each and every day.  As you start to get use to change and see that sometimes it is rewarding, you will be much more likely to challenge some of your greatest fears in life!  Face your fears and walk right through them!                                             …Kathy D Carter

Is "Time Out" Really Healthy???

I believe we have been taught how to live the exact opposite of being healthy and happy over the years!  I know our bodies have an infinite intelligent wisdom and that we have never been educated on how to work in tandem with our bodies. 

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SMILES – Hate Dissolves in Love

Are your smiles genuine, healthy and felt from your heart?  Are they rooted in your heart or head?  Do you give out snippet fake smiles?

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If you were over 3700 miles from home and someone you really didn’t know all that well told you to go find this cave at the bottom of this steep cliff in a park you’ve never been to and enter the cave without a phone and without a flashlight, matches, lighter, or any kind of light source, would you? 

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The Old Battle of Evil vs. Good


There is always talk about The Dark and The Light battling each other.  What does that really mean?

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What are the costs of arguing to prove you are right???

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Gain back your personal power by saying No.

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Isn't the search for ascending (raising our vibrational frequency) just another "defense mechanism"?

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SOUL CANDY:  Helps Instant Manifesting

Do some self-love and have a piece of Soul Candy for supporting instant manifestation today!

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ENERGY HEALING:  Letting Your Tears Flow!

I feel it is important to become conscious about crying and not crying.  We have so many "defense mechanisms" we use to keep from feeling our emotions.  The physical human body must feel, heal and release the emotions it encounters in order to remain healthy!  Let's count the ways we can stop our tears from flowing...


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SOUL ENERGY CLEARING:  Clutter is Butter

I want to explain how clutter is to our soul what excess butter is to our body.

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